Assata Renay

Assata Renay is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. Music danced through her roots starting with her late grandfather who was a blues guitarist. Assata’s sound can be described as alternative Rhythm & Blues, blending both harmonies and emotions to create the unique sound that she takes pride in calling her own. …

Welcome to Clayt World

Most recent winner of Tight 32 contest hosted by Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta, GA, Clayt gives more insight about his music and upcoming projects!

Drake Drops Double Album “Scorpion”- Stream Here

    The highly anticipated album has official been released and ready for play ! On June 28th Drake revealed the playlist on Instagram. The playlist has features from Jay-Z,(Side A) Micheal Jackson, Static Major and Ty Dollar Sign (Side B). On the this new album Drake also answered one of the biggest questions circling…

Holiday Spending: Start Early

Yes, I know we have not even made it to Labor Day yet and here I am talking about Christmas shopping. It it time to prepare your wallets if you have not started yet its a great idea to get ahead. Every year there are so many….

Cupid Has Found Love

“My goal has been to have a successful music career because singing helps me get through life and being involved with ….click to read more

You Fancy Huh?- UPDATE

“A group of women striving to be better, successful, and supportive of each other. We sisters just want to have fun, celebrate happiness, accomplishments ,create positive sisterly bonds, give faith and hope, give encouragement and enjoy each others company!”

Freshman Class 2017

“He fell in love with hip hop at a young age and with the combination of his out going personality, ability to “play on words,” and networking skills, Naj Murph is one of the elite of his generation and generations to come…” click to read more

Welcome to the Palace

“I’ve always had a passion for branding and building an empire. It takes money to make money and you’ll only fail if you don’t try at all. Click to read more ….

Underground Radio: Get Exposed

 Not Just Another Radio Show….. She is an entrepreneur,  radio personality, producer, public speaker and female advocate. You could almost lose you breath naming everything that Maureen Guest does. She is 50 and fabulous! Maureen Guest has taken the word hustle and elevated it to a new level. Of all the things she does they all…

Good News

Do you not know ? Have you not heard?

AMC Unveils Answer to MoviePass: $20 Subscription Plan — Variety

AMC Theatres, the world’s largest exhibitor, has unveiled its answer to MoviePass after disparaging the popular subscription service as a house of cards for nearly a year. Next week, the theater chain will begin offering guests the chance to see up to three movies per-week for the monthly fee of $19.95. The offering is being… via…

Monday Motivation: What’s On Your Mind

Whats been on your mind? The things your thinking about can affect your entire day-  your feelings, emotions, your accomplishments, whether it is good or  bad. Just think about it-when you are hungry you think about eating, so in turn you eat. When you are tired you think about sleep, you go lay down. Well…

Brunch ATLanta

When it comes to food I am a complete “foodie.” Eating new foods and trying new things have always been at the top of my list. I do enjoy cooking as well, actually I like doing pretty much anything that allows creativity ! Lately I have been “brunching” different places I have not been around…