New Album Release – Mainstream Murph

Issa Murph Music situation......2 for 1 Back in May, I posted about up and coming hip hop artist Naj Murph and Student Union (Read :Freshman Class 2017).  Since May, two new Student Union projects have been released including I.D.E.R "2 Sidez Of A Gemini," and most recent is Naj Murph's highly anticipated album Mainstream Murph. Last…


Freshman Class 2017

"He fell in love with hip hop at a young age and with the combination of his out going personality, ability to “play on words,” and networking skills, Naj Murph is one of the elite of his generation and generations to come..." click to read more

W.O.W K’La Fleming

"WOW, means expressing astonishment or admiration. WOW's subtitle is Woman of Worth. The name of this book was birthed from a place of owning my identity in Christ and discarding labels that I had used for so long to describe who I am, that weren't true. The title WOW was chosen to allow other women, as well as myself, see themselves from the place God established them and to never be hindered from seeing their value as a woman. "

Ace of Shade

The goal of the podcast is to inspire others. We all wanted to create a safe place for women to come without judgment and to know that they are not alone. We want to provide alternate ways of thinking that help others to achieve their goals, process and resolve any life issues they may be experiencing. To make people laugh, smile, and cry if they need to and most importantly to have fun!

Glam Cake Cosmetics

Meet Ronesha Ferneé, Founder and CEO of Glam Cake Cosmetics. With a passion for make up she wanted to create high quality products that would last and be safe for all skin types. After months of research and cruelty fee product testing, Glam Cake Cosmetics was born.   "I wear my products with pride, I…

Ca$$ Nicole

Ca$$ Nicole also known as Cass started her rap journey 2 years ago after debuting her first song and visual for “Mask Off Remix” in 2017.  Since then she has released  music videos for “Bad” and“Stayed Down." Back in May of last year Cass released her mixtape “Gemini $ZN” can be found on her YouTube…


Proactive , creative, driven and risk taker are all words that can be used to describe David Moyer. David , originally from Homestead, FL, started selling clothes as an 18 year old college student. In 2016, in addition to selling other brands, he started his own brand, Miamirichlife. Miamirichlife Clothing is an urbanwear retail company…


With a passion to capture the feelings music brought during the time of our parents and grandparents in his music, Jamal provides us with a little more insight about his music, creative process and upcoming projects.  Tell me about your process and how long you have been doing music. During my writing process, I prefer…