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Million Dollar Showdown

Fight, Fight, Fight …..  August 26, 2017 is getting closer and closer Conner Mcgregor and the UNDEFEATED Pretty Boy Floyd will meet in the ring. Get your TV’s, food or bar plans ready. Will Floyd make it to 50-0?   What do you think?   “They asked for this fight. I was in retirement, but they wanted me back and I’m back.” The bets are … Continue reading Million Dollar Showdown

The Great American Solar Eclipse: What’s the Big Deal ?!-

What is the big buzz about the eclipse ? Surely you have to be living under a rock, if you have heard nothing about the full eclipse that will be taking place in only four days.  The last time this happened was in 1918; that is 99 years ago! What is a total solar eclipse? According to google a solar eclipse is defined as: an … Continue reading The Great American Solar Eclipse: What’s the Big Deal ?!-

Detroit 1967: Living In The Times

Not Another Movie The five day Detroit riots in 1967, has been documented as one of the most violent moments in history. So violent in fact, the National Guard was called in to subdue the destruction and violence taking place. Buildings burned to the ground,  civil rights violated and  people were beaten and humiliated. Reviewing some of the timeline of the movie Detroit….. The movie started … Continue reading Detroit 1967: Living In The Times

You Picked the Wrong Mother

It was Saturday afternoon and two of my best friends and I decided to catch a movie. We decided on Kidnapped starring Haley Berry ( Karla Dyson). Mother, Karla Dyson,  working to make ends meet and provide for her pride and joy, her son, Frankie Dyson.  What was supposed to be a fun afternoon at the park, turned into a nightmare. Karla stepped away only … Continue reading You Picked the Wrong Mother