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You Are What You Say You Are

All my life I have been taught that life and death are in the power of our tongues. I choose to speak life daily…today I choose to share this with you. After being taught here are a few declarations that I have noted over a period of time. Empower yourself! Stay Encouraged! I am not perfect. I enjoy having fun, my faith is strong and I don’t believe I would be able to have the opportunities in life without the power and grace of God. I hope this helps you too!

I live by truth not by fact.
What is subject to change
I am consistent
I move forward
I am the lender and not the borrower.
I have an open mind and open heart
I am the head and not the tail.
I am above only and never beneath.
I am behind God always.
God always goes before me.
Vengeance is His.

Victory is mine.

The victory is already won.

I am a helper.
I am beautiful.
I am full of wisdom.
I am a listener.
The truth is …
I am not impulsive.
I am everything I have prayed for.
I have open double doors all around me.
I am observant.
Mercy, Goodness, Miracles and Blessings follow me every day, every min, every hour.
God knows my heart and my truth.
I am successful in this life and the next.
I am fearless and BOLD.
My faith is 10,000.
I am a doer.
I am a winner.
I am honest
I walk with power and authority
I am not anxious
The joy of the Lord is in my heart.]
My harvest is here
I am on acceleration
All things are working for my good
God loves me and i love him
My angels are working on my behalf at this very moment.
God is faithful and is true.

His word will never return void.
As I do my part I know and believe God is already doing His
I am a vessel for His word, worksseeds 2 and blessings
Everything and everyone I reach or come across is blessed and prosperous.
I am a servant of the Lord,
I am a witness and I am reaching the world through the gospel.
I am a living testimony and sacrifice to the ONLY one true God.
I am the victor not a victim.
I am strong and independent.
God is my way maker.
I have vision
I hear from God daily
I do not agree with darkness but I speak on light
I eat the best
I drive the best
I wear the best
I go through life first class.
My seeds have taken root and cannot be stolen away.
I belong to the Most High/Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
My harvest is flourishing right now.
My consistency and worship is pleasing to God because it is pure and genuine.
I am patient
I walk with power.
I am a Believer!

Bless the ones who curse me and my name. I am believing for blessings in their homes and lives. May their attempts be void and known. I do not wish to see them parish or fail but I have high hopes and I am open minded to their success and flourishment. May God bless their hearts, thoughts and walk through this life and the next. May I be humble where I need to and assertive when the time is right. I know God loves me and them as well. I denounce any hindering spirit that is not mean for the greater good in Jesus name
– Amen

It is finished . It is done.


“Little Messenger”


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