Positive Vibes Only: Daily Affirmations

All my life I have been taught that life and death are in the power of our tongues. I choose to speak life daily…today I choose to share this with you. After being taught here are a few declarations that I have noted over a period of time. Empower yourself! Stay Encouraged! I am not perfect. I enjoy having fun, my faith is strong and I don’t believe I would be able to have the opportunities in life without the power and grace of God. I hope this helps you too!

I live by truth not by fact.
What is ..is subject to change,
I am consistent.
I move forward.
I am the lender and not the borrower.
I have an open mind and open heart.
I am the head and not the tail.
I am above only and never beneath.
I am behind God always.
God always goes before me.
Vengeance is His.

Victory is mine.

The victory is already won.

I am a helper.
I am beautiful.
I am full of wisdom.
I am a listener.

The truth is …

I am not impulsive.
I am everything I have prayed for.
I have open double doors all around me.
I am observant.
Mercy, Goodness, Miracles and Blessings follow me every day, every min, every hour.
God knows my heart and my truth.
I am successful in this life and the next.
I am fearless and BOLD.
My faith is 10,000.
I am a doer.
I am a winner.
I am honest.
I walk with power and authority.
I am not anxious.
The joy of the Lord is in my heart.]
My harvest is here.
I have accelerated favor.
All things are working for my good.
God loves me and I love him.
My angels are working on my behalf at this very moment.
God is faithful and is true.

His word will never return void.
As I do my part I know and believe God has already done His
I am a vessel for His word, worksseeds 2

and blessings
Everything and everyone I reach or come across is blessed and prosperous.
I am a servant of the Lord,
I am a witness and I am reaching the world through the gospel.
I am a living testimony and sacrifice to the ONLY one true God.
I am the victor not a victim.
I am strong and independent.
God is my way maker.
I have vision
I hear from God daily.
I do not agree with darkness but I speak light.
I eat the best,
I drive the best,
I wear the best,
I go through life first class.
My seeds have taken root and cannot be stolen away.
I belong to the Most High, Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
My harvest is flourishing right now.
My consistency and worship is pleasing to God because it is pure and genuine.
I am patient.
I walk with power.
I am a Believer!

Bless the ones who curse me and my name. I am believing for blessings in their homes and lives. May their attempts be void and known. I do not wish to see them parish or fail, but I have high hopes and I am open minded to their success and flourishment. May God bless their hearts, thoughts and walk through this life and the next. May I be humble when and where I need to and assertive when the time is right. I know God loves me and them as well. I denounce any hindering spirit that is not mean for the greater good in Jesus’ name
– Amen

It is finished . It is done.

“Little Messenger”

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“Kissxd by few, loved by many – You have officially been Kissxd”


Author: Layla Sky

Welcome to my melting pot. Here you will find a combination of my interest and hobbies- music,fashion, traveling and events and more. There is more then one aspect of life happening so I decided why not blog about all of them. I am Kissxd by the sun, blessed with the grace, power and love of The Most High. I enjoy helping others and unexpected blessings. Follow me on my journey of discovery . Comment. Share. Like . Subscribe. Kissxd By few, loved by many- You have officially been Kissxd!

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