Lets Do Brunch

After an early morning of hair braiding, I was ready to relax and have a little fun. I was invited out to a casual upscale day party at Atlantis for brunch. Now , this was a place I had never been to or even heard about. Although I have been to a few day parties before, I really didn’t know what to expect. What I can say is the Atlanta weather was most favorable the sun shining bright and the breeze was just right. I arrived a little after 1pm on a Sunday

pictures taken from http://www.atlantisrestaurantatl.com/

Parking in the actual lot is very limited, but one of the benefits is they do offer valet parking for about $10. My original plan was to be in and out so I declined valet parking and I decided to park at a nearby hotel. It was an affordable space, extremely close, and I could still see my car from inside the building.

I was dressed in what I call an “all purpose” outfit. I was causal enough to be comfortable but dressed enough for the occasion ( A blue Anne Klien blouse zip up top with Anne Kilen Peach Slacks and gold flats and accessories) As I approached the door to meet my friend, I noticed the outdoor seating was very spacious. I enjoyed the fact that this place offered the option to enjoy the beautiful Atlanta weather inside or outside. The dj could be heard from outside the door going in. Entering the scene , gentlemen were dressed in sport coats, button up shirts, and a nice pair of slack or jeans. There were plenty of ladies in the mix dressed in cute dresses skinny jeans, hot stilettos, cute wedge heels or comfortable flats.

Although there were a great amount of people here, it was the right amount. No bumping into others trying to walk or stand. You had enough room for your own two step or to rock the space with your significant other or you best friend.
Now, I don’t know about you but im a booth person -restaurants, bars any outings usually I like to have a booth. This place had plenty of lounge seating around the walls , VIP was an option and there were plenty of tables throughout the floor. Ladies have no fear when wearing those cute heels there is seating!! LOL On Sundays you want to reserve your at: http://bottleservicebrunch.com/ 


City of Atlanta means city of Atlanta pricing. For the most part I always expect to pay at the very least $10 for one drink. Now if you are use to eating out, clubbing or partying near or in the city this may not surprise you at all however if this is not what you use to paying I would suggest preparation. I decided on the raspberry mojito as a drink of choice. The fresh fruit with just the right amount of mint made to perfection. This drink with taxes cost me a about $17. Of coarse there were options for bottle service and pitchers starting at about $60.  The great thing is they do have their menu online and the prices so you can get a feel for what you are about to spend or at least be prepared. I choose not eat because I had an additional birthday event to attend right after I left. Based on observation however the chicken and waffles was the most requested. Now I can say the prices for food were pretty reasonable nothing too much out of the ordinary as far as pricing. They do have a menu listed on their website . Menu

Overall from my experience I had a great time I would recommend Sunday Bottle Service brunch for a GROUP of friends for an event or if you all just want to hang out.  I would definitely love to go back again for dinner date or a night out with friends.



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