Friends …Best Friends

Some times life hands me a question that absolutely make me start to really think. Its usually a simple one, Like a question one  may not put much thought into until  life happens. Today, I really had to ask myself how would you define a best friend a  truly best friend. Subjects like this make me without a doubt question my definition of a friend all together, I mean after all not just anyone can be a best friend. They would have to really be the best of the best, the one who stands the test of time. Up until today I was quite sure the number of best friends I have. Yes, I have more then one and I am very certain of that. I have read somewhere before that the friends you have for at least a seven year time period, are friends you will have for a lifetime.

Naturally you have disagreements or arguments that may get a little heated and you may even stop speaking for a short time period but, when its all said and done you know that you still have a best friend. Well what about when you start to become unsure? What about when you start to truly question your “friendship”? This poses the question of what is a friend ? Some answers to that question just are unable to be defined which is totally understandable in my opinion- it may be a certain “vibe” or era about you all’s relationship that only you both understand. Although there are things such as a “vibe” there still leaves the basics or foundation for a truly “real or best”  or just plain friendship that most friends have-in my opinion. (in no order)

  1. Trust/honesty– I mean after all if there is no trust then what kind of “friend” do you really have. Of course I’m sure every person has told a lie in their life- even to a friend or “bestie” once or twice after all no one is perfect. Do you find that you lie often or that you just really can be honest with you friend? Will you dishonesty compromise your bond? The last thing you want to do is build a friendship off a lie that would be a complete disaster!
  2.  Loyalty– Let’s define this a bit, according to google loyalty is a strong feeling or support or allegiance. One synonym is faithfulness. This is a HUGE one for me , don’t get me wrong honesty is big too however, if you are always honest about doing the wrong thing then whats the point?! Being honest does not always correct whats wrong- it may help slightly and ONLY sometimes. If I can not count on you to be loyal as a friend, then why are even calling it a friendship? Do you find yourself talking behind your friends back? Are others comfortable talking about your friend in a negative way in front of you? We are supposed to have each others backs at all time because we are friends. We count on honesty to tell each other when we are truly wrong about any situation but, we would never dissolve our support for each other.
  3. Love – yes love ! Don’t you just love your friends I mean just truly love them especially your best friends- after all that is part of why they are your friends in the first place right ? Its usually unchanged and unmeasured.
  4. Giving– There are people who are stingy, selfish,extremely funny about their money and even funnier about their time. LOL Your best friends are willing to give that all to you -at least occasionally. Love is giving too. This is also a big part of being considerate. Consider what matters. Are you around when it really matters or only when it is convenient ? How important is your friendship? Do you know what’s important to them or just for you? Giving is not all about material things -examples like time, a listening ear etc.
  5. Respect, Respect, Respect– I think this goes without saying.
    These are just some of the things I believe a true friendship should have- in my opinion.They are all tied together in one way or another. I know some of these things can also be defined in a relationship with your significant other but, with that being said wouldn’t you want your significant other to also be your best friend too? (If you never thought about that I definitely encourage you to do so!) Either way these things reflect a great foundation for great friend for a lifetime.

What do you think ? Lets talk….


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