Is It Time To Move On?

There are so many things that come to mind when the  question or moving on or forward comes to mind- jobs, relationships with spouse (or lack there of), friendships, changing locations or all the above. The biggest question is how can one be sure that the alarm clock is going off for you to move. My number one answer will always be prayer. Its always first- open your ears and eyes. In a practical sense analyze why you are trying to make a change, especially if it is drastic. Is it a change or are you simply running away because you just don’t want to “deal” with what appears to be a problem? Do you feel moved towards a different goal. Are you just bored or tired?  If you find that you are just running or avoiding an issue- stop and breath. Step forward and face it  with your head high and your shoulders rolled back. Maybe its a difficult boss,co-workers who hassle you or give you a hard time, maybe its a friend that wronged you or maybe its a significant other you feel did not keep their word.

Sometimes we forget how much communication matters- who knows it could turn out to be a huge misunderstanding. Until you stop running you may find your self in the same situation even if the environment changes. You will find in some cases utilizing  communication through  talking AND  more importantly, listening may have been the answer to what seemed complicated or complex .  Now there are also cases where unnoticed or unchanged, it may be time to move.

Do you feel as if you are loosing a grip on who you are? Are you compromising the foundation of your moral values due to stress or negativity? There is nothing that can buy you a peace of mind. Having peace of mind is one of the most beautiful things in the world -in my opinion. If this problem weighs you down, stresses you out and takes away your peace of mind it maybe time to move.

There are also times it’s time to move up from what is and step into what is to become. Maybe you have been delaying applying for that promotion, maybe its time to buy that new house or new car you have been wanting. It could be time to take that leap of faith to the next step into a serious relationship you have been putting off. Moving forward or letting go could also mean releasing what is to get to the new levels.

Whats stopping you ? Is it fear? Sometimes we are our own worst enemy or critique. I challenge you to step into boldness. What you need may be the very thing you keep avoiding or looking over. The very last thing you want to do is live with the “what if” due to fear or delay. This may be the opportunity that changes everything for you in the best way, do not delay. No regrets. No excuses.



Do you find that you are upset about something or at someone? Does the very sight of them make you feel “some way” that is not positive? Do you immediately look for the nearest exit? Guess what, stress is real and it can affect your body a great deal.  Practice self control. You always have power over you. Again try communicating. If you need to apologize do it, just be ready for acceptance OR nonacceptance. When you walk away you feel free and much lighter on your feet.

If you feel you are owed an apology ask yourself  “do they even know I am upset?” Sometimes people just assume someone should know – through personal experience, believe me that’s not always the case LOL. You spend your time trying to prove a point no one is getting but you. You can find yourself even more. So open up- say something, being vulnerable sometimes is not a crime. (The fact is that you are clearly bothered by whatever is going on. ) Of coarse there will be times you will also have to just accept the apology that was never given- forgive and move forward!

One thing that is unavoidable is change. It’s one of the things we know you are guaranteed to experience in life. Moving forward or moving on is not always something that feels great in some cases. In some cases it can feel disappointing, you can become sad and maybe even angry.On the other hand you may feel  happy, excited and very joyful for whats ahead, either way you will know its the best decision you ever could have made. So stop and think about it, is the alarm clock ringing for you to move forward?

Lets Chat!! Tell me what you think!

-Terquita Chantee. xoxx

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2 thoughts on “Is It Time To Move On?

  1. This was great advise. I love “Practice self control. You always have power over you.” So true and empowering. A lot of times we blame others, or situations, which just says other things have power over us. I want nothing to have power over me but God. I really enjoyed this 🙂


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