Stamped. Sealed. Approved.

I have been hurt, mistreated, disgusted, heart-broken, torn apart, endured emotional abuse and physical torment. I have lost friends even best friends. Today I am here knowing that I am still living. It’s proof my purpose is not fulfilled  or finished . My thoughts remain intentionally optimistic for the best days of my life, even at this moment. I have intentionally released the inner parts of the depths of me and revealed a raw self to people who later disappointed or misused me.  This I am certain a feeling most if not all people go through in some fashion or form at some point in life. It is a familiar feeling(s).  The thought of it even now may make someone reading this very uncomfortable.


“No one understands what I am going through, they just don’ t get it!” 

“Did I do something wrong?”

Have you ever found comfort in the pain you feel?

The power of going through the raw emotion of what hurts could have been completely detrimental, if I had allowed myself to dwell in the mist of what hurts.  Getting to a place of  joy may look impossible but it’s not. If you can still feel anything  its proof you are still living. That is great news!

Feelings – they are temporary and are subject to change at any point. In fact everything around you including yourself, your clothes, your hair, your job- EVERYTHING CAN CHANGE.

At some point I had to take charge and become the determining factor for what I would and would not allow in or over my life, and you do too. Going through character building can be a tough time. *ugh* I call it “The Shape Up”

Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. Isaiah 64:8

I jump up and pull me together preparing for better and what is to come. I keep my head up because I know my strength is renewed daily  ( “Greater is He that is in me.”)

The feelings I feel remind me I am still living. I have purpose and goals in mind; I am aware that they did not come from nothing. I recognize and give credit to the Most High God who created me. I mean even a bad experience will teach you something about others or at least about you. If you feel like you are on a merry-go-round or a monopoly board as I like to call, it you may not be learning whatever it is you are supposed to be getting.

Overcoming emotions or feelings that leave you in a state of disappointment or sadness can become a challenge. After all we are human and to act like they are non-existent well, that would be the creation of a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off at any moment. Do not ignore them, instead acknowledge they exist and take steps to replace them with better. (joy, peace,love)  Become fulfilled and walk in the wholeness of you.


But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

So lets’ talk practical.

What are you going to do today to make today better than yesterday?

  • Take some time in self-reflection.
  • Make a to do list : “Write it down and make it plain.” – and RUN WITH IT! (pray over it) Feel a sense of accomplishment . Get a calendar, planner or a small notepad you will become surprised when you see how much you really have to do. How can you have a full calendar without a calendar?
  • Get out and be social :Socialize you never know the connections others may have. This could be the person or people you were looking for. Some times you may meet a person who you feel does something that has absolutely nothing to do with what you are trying to accomplish at this moment, BUT take their information anyway you may need it in the future.
  • Hobbies: Stay busy. In doing hobbies you may discover a new passion or talent. Stay preoccupied. 

Will you be ready for what you ask for when it arrives or will you still be preparing ?

With all you have to do, you do not have room for anything that is not filled or geared towards a greater purpose and destiny fulfillment. Overcome. You won’t be scheduling any sadness, depression or irritation any time soon-or ever for that matter!


You are blessed and highly favored. You have already been approved. 


“Little Messenger” 

Copyright © Kissxd 2016,2017 All Rights Reserved 
“Kissxd by few, loved by many – You have officially been Kissxd”

Think Again

Author: Layla Sky

Welcome to my melting pot. Here you will find a combination of my interest and hobbies- music,fashion, traveling and events and more. There is more then one aspect of life happening so I decided why not blog about all of them. I am Kissxd by the sun, blessed with the grace, power and love of The Most High. I enjoy helping others and unexpected blessings. Follow me on my journey of discovery . Comment. Share. Like . Subscribe. Kissxd By few, loved by many- You have officially been Kissxd!

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