I do enjoy music, like really enjoy! I believe music is life in itself. What would life be like  without the wonderful sound. One thing we ALL have common on this planet is that we all like music. We may not like every song, genre or even agree that every sound is music but, its definitely a form of art we all like. Recently the biggest buzz has been Kendrick Lamar and the “Damn” album.  He is a true lyricist; he produces words or “bars” that make you think, with a sound and flow that commands your attention. His talents definitely define him as a true hip hop artist at its best.

Defining  lyrics  or reading about the meaning of songs is also a hobby of mine. I must admit I have not done that for every song,  some songs, like others I dance around to without having a clue what they are saying -I  know I know I should do better. LOL

In this case however, we are discussing Kendrick,  his music is usually filled with  subliminal  or direct messages. With all the attention that this album has received it makes me not only listen, but  intrigued to define the meaning of things throughout the album.


Below I posted the lyrics to how the album starts with the first song called “Blood.”


Is it wickedness?
Is it weakness?
You decide
Are we gonna live or die?

[Kendrick Lamar:]
So I was takin’ a walk the other day, and I seen a woman-a blind woman-pacin’ up and down the sidewalk. She seemed to be a bit frustrated, as if she had dropped somethin’ and havin’ a hard time findin’ it. So after watchin’ her struggle for a while, I decide to go over and lend a helping hand, you know? “Hello, ma’am, can I be of any assistance? It seems to me that you have lost something. I would like to help you find it.” She replied: “Oh yes, you have lost something. You’ve lost… your life.”


Is it wickedness?

Lamar stated his views on police brutality with that line in the song, quote: “And we hate the popo, wanna kill us in the street fo’ sho’…”
Oh please, ugh, I don’t like it.

(source: AZlyrics.com)

I mean what is he saying ?! What are you talking about?! Why did he have to die after trying to help someone?! 

There are so many opinions and outlooks about the entire album. People are answering questions such as who is he talking about, is it about the Bible,  is referring to specific political situations, it goes on and on. What I can say is to understand an artist such as Kendrick Lamar it requires you have common knowledge about current events, significant history moments and  spiritual awareness. The art of a lyricist goes far beyond bopping your head. True artist are actually saying something through their art; unfortunately, the world can hear them but they are not always listening. Reading is an essential part of understanding. Check out what other website had to say about “Blood.” You can also click the links to see full reviews of the entire album.

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“The blind woman can be thought of as representing consequences of the damnation referenced in the Book of Deuteronomy. The duality of obeying God and being blessed, or disobeying him and being damned—giving into “wickedness” or admitting your “weaknesses” and submitting yourself to God—play a major role throughout the album……..”

 –Read More At Lyric Genius

“Two victims here: (1) The casual nature with which Kendrick mentions that he was taking a walk here is a shot at Jared Tallent, an Olympic gold medalist in race walking who trains incredibly hard to walk. (2) He’s also taking a shot at golden retrievers, who, in my experience, are very fond of walks and would like to go on a walk, but cannot do so on their own, at least not in the manner that Kendrick, a human with human privilege, is allowed to…….”

: Read More At :theringer.com

“…….a debate about certain personality traits being wickedness or weakness, is also presaged here. More mystifying is the blind woman and her words to Kendrick. “You’ve lost…” she says, pausing dramatically, “Your life!” A gunshot echoes, suggesting that Kendrick dies at the start of the album, similarly to The Notorious B.I.G. on Life After Death……”

Read More At : Hot New Hip Hop

“…the struggle between wickedness and weakness, essentially the age-old battle between good and evil. Lamar seems to raise the question of what it means to be good in a modern world that’s inherently bad. Is it actually foolish to show kindness to the wicked?….”

 Read more at: NME.com


Track List

  1. Blood
  2. DNA
  3. YAH
  4. Element
  5. Feel
  6. Loyalty
  7. Pride
  8. Humble
  9. Lust
  10. Love
  11. XXX
  12. Fear
  13. God
  14. Duckworth

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What do you think about this album?


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