Did You See That ?!

OMG -He Is Not Dead!

SO, I actually do not watch much TV, but I absolutely love Scandal! I must admit I had to be “put on” as some would say to know about the show. I think Shonda Rimes is an absolute genius. After starting to watch this show about 2 seasons ago I had to go back to watch ALL the episodes from the beginning, so I did.  This story line took such as twist in the last episode. One of the greatest highlights was the question of Halk being dead or not. Once again he believed he found love and through his sensitivity and trickery he once again was betrayed. Watching this scene gave  such an adrenaline rush, I almost lost my breath . “OH NO NOT HIM!”  Of coarse we find out in the latest episode that he is alive and fighting to save himself.



It becomes a trick of the mind for Halk as he fights to save his own life. I routed for him the entire time! Go Hulk Go! There is no doubt in my mind he definitely over came the odds – shot, thrown in a trunk and pushed off a cliff , I mean come on!

Back at OPA we see Olivia finds out all about Miss Abby and her role in all this devastation.  Abby oh Abby! Things became really ugly. She was slapped more then a few times. It reminds me of “The Good Wife” except on worse.  (FYI- If you never seen The Good Wife it has ended BUT I definitely recommend going back to watch ALL seasons! Its a great show.)


I am simply applaud by her actions. I was really at a lost on how to even feel about her at this point. I mean seriously ! As long as you have worked in that city  you know there is nothing done without a cost attached to it.

 “You are a smart girl.”  

Abby definitely displayed what happens when you make decisions based on emotions.

How could she ever allow things to get this far and say nothing? Who are these people who continue to turn everyone’s lives upside down ? What is there ultimate goal?


Quin …is she still in love with Hulk ?


What do you think about this ?

Who do you think will be making an appearance soon?

I’m excited for the next episode and its big twist .


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