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The Twilight Zone – She Said No


The big day came for this altering world of Miss Pope or should we say Mrs. Fitzgerald Grant. After the rewind of time back to the day of the big meeting ( “Defiance”) to fix the election Olivia said no. This the no that changed everything about life for the everyone involved.

“No we will not fix the election.” – Olivia Pope

The no meant Fitz lost the election.  Olivia’s “duties” were complete for the Grant Family  and she finds herself in seek of what will be next for her career and purpose. While her duties to the election may have ended the love that she had for Fitz did not. After playing “hard to get” or being passive about her feelings, Olivia tells Fitz yes and the big day happens. Walked down the aisle by Hawk, who was not at all clean-shaven and looked very disheveled btw, Olivia and Fitz exchange vowels and just like that it was done. Mrs. Fitzgerald Grant.



Meanwhile, Millie is falling apart realizing what was really happening in her life. Her then  husband lost the election and left her to be with Olivia Pope. She goes to Cyrus to have a shoulder to lean on and finds herself in a relationship with him. I must admit it was awfully odd. It did not seem right at all, not even a little. As the story unfolds, we learn that Cyrus is living a secret life with David, whom in reality is not even a live anymore. Of course the truth always comes out and Millie, after hiring David for political reasons, overhears Cyrus confessing his love for David in their home. Cyrus is still the same in this episode, plotting, always plotting to get what he wants by all means necessary.


As this bazaar episode continues we see that Olivia is becoming very “whatever” in her marriage to Fitz. It’s nothing like what we pictured; communication is horrible and she does not even want to move out of her one bedroom apartment. Fitz finds himself longing for the attention of his companion which leads him into passionately kissing Quin- crazy right!

weird right ?!

Quin spends this episode on a reality show in search of “love.” (Something like the show “The Bachelor.”)  It was quite weird to me and so out of character in my opinion. Ironically Hawk loves the show and routes for her the entire time.


With all the craziness that is taking place during this episode, Millie finds herself in Olivia’s office telling her how Olivia “saved” Fitz from the craziness of being in politics and the White House. It appears Millie will never find love and Cyrus has convinced her to run for President of the United States prior to her knowing about his double life. He has cornered her with his plotting and deceitful ways, she sees there may be no way out.


After this visit from Millie and a talk from Abby Olivia finds herself in a mind of appreciation. A greater appreciation for Fitz and the lives they want together in their new home.

My Thoughts

Now I love the show, but I was not the biggest fan of the episode. My review of this episode was also pretty short.  Ironically Olivia and Fitz were not the most interesting story line; I believe Mellie and Cyrus story line would have been much more entertaining had the story continued as it did.  It was way too out of the box for me and plainly I just did not like it  for the most part. This episode was a “filler” as my co-worker has put it, I must say I do agree. LOL 100% It simply fills in the possibilities of the “if” story. The “if” could have went so many different ways. This week we are back to our “reality” on what is and not the “if factor.”  I would have like to see some things go a bit differently however still a fan of Scandal.!!

Lets Go Gladiators!

What did you think about this episode? What will happen next? How do you feel about the characters in the 100th episode?

Lets Chat.

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