Did You See That ?!

Who Are These People?!


This weeks show starts off  with Millie and Olivia having “the talk,” due to the recent new of Cyrus’s innocence. After conversing , Olivia tells Millie that she needs to step down because its what is right. After all the facts have been presented to both of them, it only seems right that Millie step down, and allow Cyrus ( the people’s choice) to take the Oval office. Although Millie understands, she still reluctantly agrees, and a press conference is arranged for Millie to make the big announcement.

That is until Liz  shows up to  Millie’s office to convince her otherwise ….

Liz tells Millie to disregard Olivia and move forward.

In the mean time, Abby pays Cyrus a visit, as it was announced on the news that Cyrus is innocent. After all the brutality, losing his daughter and having his best friends turn their backs, Cyrus finds himself in disbelief of Abby’s news. He is finally free.

Cyrus Beam will be released immediately.

Olivia For Cyrus

Millie did not want to give up becoming the president.  She was “made for this” , to serve the American people, to be in charge and to have the ultimate power.  When  Liz walked into Millie’s office and  spoke to her about not giving in to the “white hat,” it did not take much for her jump on board. Olivia is not for Millie’s idea at all. Millie tells Olivia that her hand are not exactly clean either. Millie reminds Olivia, she too, has a past. This ignites Olivia into a “fix it” mode.

 Olivia is determined  make sure Cyrus is the next in charge in the Oval Office.

As Olivia knocks on Cyrus’s room door, determined and prepared for Cyrus to claim what’s his there is a bigger picture. When Cyrus opens the door Olivia knows where she is on his list, she was the friend that left him locked away, the friend that said never to call her again, she told him he is paying for his past indiscretions and  the one friend whom he needed to listen to his actual truth.  Even after Cyrus informed her that he was going to die, Olivia shut him out. It was apparent that Cyrus had not forgotten these things and slammed the door shut in her face.


Her next stop is Fitzgerald Grant, The President of the United States.

Fitz arrives to Cyrus’s room, after a few drinks and a few laughs about old time they speak about the real issue. Cyrus is a very intelligent man, so he knew why Fitz was there and who sent him – Olivia.

This meeting is followed by Cyrus announcing he will continue the race to become the next President of the United States.



We find out later in this episode that Liz Hort is working with “The Mystery People,”  and Millie wants no parts of anything they have to offer. Millie finds out quickly that she has no choice.  Liz Hort is killed right before her very eyes and Millie is completely shaken. These people threaten to kill her childern if she does not cooperate. They informed her that she will be the next President of the United States and she will follow their orders. The “mystery woman” will be her Chief of Staff. In this state of mind Millie has nothing else to say but ok and yes.


Olivia To The Rescue 

 As most people do in this city, Millie calls Olivia to come and save her. Olivia brings Jake and he informs Millie that he has her back in every way. I almost forgot that Jake is her Vice President.

Olivia is called to the White House and is informed by Fitz that there is a warrant for her arrest filed by the FBI. Fitz is left with a choice to make between having her father arrested or allowing the law to take care of Olivia. Naturally he chooses Olivia, even after she told him not to. While watching her father be put in to handcuffs she pleads in devastation to let him go. She finds herself back at the White House angry at Fitz. Fitz sits calmly as she expresses her anger at him, until he reveals that Rowan is sitting in his office.

 Once again Fitz and Olivia are in the bliss of themselves.


My thoughts

I like Olivia Pope. She is quick on her feet, she gets things done, she is for people and overall has a good heart, even when it is not displayed. I do feel however she tends to get in her own way sometimes; she just does not listen! When her mind is made up wrong or not , she goes full force on what it is she thinks should happen. Just two weeks ago she wanted her father. Unaware of the fact that he was trying to save her life. It becomes dreadful and annoying  to watch somes. Frankly it makes me want to shake the TV. LOL

I must say it is quite interesting watching Rowan be controlled by other people. It is actually rather weird.

Mellie got what she wanted but in this city everything worth anything, always has a price.

The next episode will be interesting to see how they all come together for the same cause.

My biggest question is WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!


Is Olivia so right that she can’t be wrong? Do you think her actions were completely selfish? Where is Olivia’s mother in all of this?  What do you see happening next?


Images credited to Twitter and Google Images.

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