Network = Net Worth


Connect The Dots and Build A Bridge 

 Consistency changes everything.

You meet a person you take their card, you stuff it in your pocket, your purse or wallet along with the rest of the cards and contacts that you have met, probably never to see it again. You clean out your purse and you throw away things you do not need, including the card you just collected.

Networking is a major part of any real business, being social and consistent, remembering names and faces, taking cards exchanging numbers and actually following up.

Every opportunity is the last opportunity.- Unknown 

I have observed some of the best networking I have ever seen and some of the worst. Not every connection you make is going to be “the connection” but creating a habit of connecting with the right people in good timing  is always beneficial.

You may see absolutely no point of connecting with some individuals, however you have no idea who  or what they may be connected to. The whole idea of networking is to stay connected and build relationships.  When building others you are actually building your name, brand or business as well. Treat every connection like it is “the connection,” even when you think it isn’t.

My name holds weight.  – Future 

You may also wonder why I choose to quote a line from a future song, because it holds true in every way. Have you ever been out with a friend or went somewhere and just by the mention of a mutual acquaintance, friend or family member you received special treatment? This is where networking plays a huge part. Just imagine if you never called, followed up or even threw that business card away that you found useless.

In networking you must remember that you too are also an important person. The person or group you are talking to may have been looking for a person with your skill, business or network for a long time.

You want people to feel as comfortable as possible with meeting with you. People like when you are actually genuine. We constantly come into contact with so many people doing some of the same things, however the more comfortable a person is with you the more likely they will follow up to do business with you first.


The Approach

No one is obligated to approach you about anything, nor are you. Now is not the time to be shy and play the role of an introvert. Step out of your shell and be noticed. Approach people, shake hands, make general conversation that leads into your purpose, again you want to be as genuine as possible. There is a fine line however, you do not want to be obnoxious or the loudness person in the room unless of coarse it requires these actions for your network . The environment or type of networking event that you attend or plan to attend also plays a part.

Naturally if it is a professional environment you want to be professional- firm handshakes, eye contact, professional attire, not much drinking- if any at all.

If its more of a causal environment such as a day party , loosen up a bit, be casual and comfortable, everyone may not be there for the same reason but every event is an opportunity to promote yourself and network.

Now Not Later


Its crunch time ,you could lose out waiting for a perfect moment. You definitely want to use your best judgement but do not lose out taking to long. Especially if that person is important, they can be there one second and disappear the next.

First Things First

Think : What Is Your Goal? Why Are You Needing To Connect With Anyone?

The reason you connect is due to a goal you have set in place for you to accomplish. What is it? What is the purpose of trying to connect with others? If you have no goal how do you know who it is you could benefit ? Who are you trying to reach or target for your audience or consumer?


I’m not expert by any means. These are just a list of things that I have noticed in observation and personal experience. In addition, I also have a few good friends who are absolutely great in this area. They consistently provide advice on improving a social  circle and business connection.

One thing that was not mentioned previously is who you are surrounded by, your personal network- friends, best friends, family etc. These people  play a very important part in your networking because you are most influenced by them. They are your core network consult , because they are the people you call for advice when making big decisions. They consistently influence you and  ultimately assist in molding you on who you become. Ensure that you have a circle that is encouraging and honest with you with positive feedback and critique.

So what is you net worth? How is your network?

Let’s Chat and Connect! Feel free to provide your advice in the comment section!


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