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First Time Visitor


The city famous for  jazz, Cajun cuisine and the French Quarter, welcome to the city of  New Orleans. I was ecstatic to have arrived in a city where I had never been ,but always wanted to visit, mainly for the food. LOL

It was a special bachorlette weekend for my newly engaged cousin. We planned to have a grand time from start to finish. We choose to drive to enjoy the journey of getting to our destination. After a few stops, food and stretching and six complete hours of travel, we were ready to start our NOLA weekend.

We arrived at the Embassy Suites slightly earlier then check in. It was a total of about 25 women and most of us were staying on the same floor. It took almost two hours before all of us were able to check in our rooms! The hotel was made aware weeks in advance that we were coming, the reason and our time of arrival. The wait was slightly disappointing, however we did not allow it to puncture the excitement that we all had.

When we did finally get checked in to the room it was complete with a living room area, couch/bed, desk, flat screen television; as we proceeded our bedroom was complete with two beds and outside patio and additional flat screen television and other bed room furniture.





I must admit I was most excited about the food, after all who does not enjoy a good meal? Our first order of business was cocktail hour. If you were unaware the Embassy Suites has a period of free drinks and bar food/snacks starting at about 5:30pm daily.

Sangria and Sex On The Beach (pictured)





After we were dressed , took a few  pictures and enjoyed conversation and a few cocktails, we were off to our next destination. Since we were a large group the hotel arranged transportation for us.

Destination Red Fish Grill. 

We entered the restaurant and approached the host station to provide our name for seating. There was a display of seafood everywhere, from the walls to the embossed bar stools at the oyster bar. Since there was a wait we decided to order drinks and fresh (raw) oysters. I had been wanting to try them for some time , however I wanted to try them in a city close to the ocean. I felt it most ideal to get the freshest taste and best experience.

My cousin dressed them with the sauces provided and squeezed on fresh lemon, and then I did it. Tried a raw oyster. It was enjoyable. The zest of the lemon combined with a hint of spice layered on the slippery  taste of the oyster. I would not eat too many of them though.




When we did get seated we ordered. I ordered gumbo but here are a few other things I did try.


Jumbo Lump Crab Cake
Alligator Boudin Balls


It’s Saturday 

It’s Saturday morning and it is time for breakfast. After a long night  walking and exploring the streets of New Orleans it was a bit of a task to get to breakfast. (chuckles) The Embassy did offer a full breakfast including : and omelette grill or area, fresh fruit, items to make parfaits, oatmeal, sausage links, bacon, grits, biscuits and gravy, juice, coffee and more.





Destination Pat O’Briens


Pat O’Briens can be found on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter as well. This location is best known for the specialty drink called Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane. It consist of Rum and a special hurricane mix. (its a secret)  The location or address actually depends on which side you want to go in at:

Pat O’Brien’s Bar
Piano lounge
Pat O’s Courtyard Restaurant

We at in the courtyard. I will say if you are not a fan of birds this not the ideal place for you to eat. You will be very uncomfortable. LOL There is also a place to be seated inside as well however.





Alligator Bites
Spinach and Strawberry Salad
Shrimp and Grits


While waiting to be seated for Pat Obrien’s a few of us walked across the street to a craw fish boil restaurant and ate craw fish. I know it seems like a bit much but it actually was enough of us to split the food to hold us over until we sat to eat. LOL I also bought the mac n cheese and another vegetable (not pictured).


I enjoy going to new places, I am always ready to explore and enjoy the culture and environment. Another signature drink is called the Grenade. I did try to inquire about what was in it and the bartender informed me that she was not able to tell me. (its another secret) LOL I did not finish this drink but it did not taste bad. I would say if you have the opportunity try it out for yourself.






…..But there is more:


The line for Cafe’ Du Monde was very long. LOL It was worth the wait. This is somewhere you should definitely experience. You have the option for togo or to sit and eat.

Capture 3


New Orleans is a great city to visit if you have never been; music, food, art, bull riding and so much more. I plan to go back to visit, there was so much more I wanted to see and experience. This city definitely helped me create memories and mark great moments in my life. Thank you for having me.


Until my next stop…..

Welcome to NOLA.


FYI: There is a great amount of walking involved when you visit this city. Pack light and comfortable.

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