The Start ……

Out to enjoy a nice ladies night out we arrived at The Sound Table in Atlanta,  This decision was made based on the wait time of the previous destination. I entered a very relaxed environment with soft music and what appeared to be a great vibe. The lighting was dim and intimate.

Getting to the point…..

To be frank, it was the absolute worse service that I have seen in quite a while. The waiter who “serviced” our table was very, rude, inpatient, pushy, demanding and quite forgetful. We had to ask him for items more then 3 times before he conveniently remembered to bring them.

The young lady next to me asked for a coke with lemon several times. Before she received that drink, her food came first, ate most of it  but still  had to ask again for the same thing.  There were not many people there at all, in fact we were his ONLY table!

I believe what contributed his forgetfulness was his lack of care and smug attitude. There was total of ten ladies. We were there celebrating a birthday only until we went to our next destination.

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These Are The Actual Seats We Had. (Credit Goggle Images)
On the Brighter Side…..

Fortunately, there were some who did enjoy the food they did receive. I will say that the restaurant itself did have a nice look. That’s about it. Although we had to ask for the manager several times, when she finally came she attempted to make the situation better by providing a round of shots to the entire table – we declined. The birthday girl did receive a cocktail on the house.


I’m Just Saying….

I am a strong advocate for great customer service when assisting or serving others. I understand people have bad days, moments and experiences however, the service was very unacceptable. I really wished we had a different experience there, I was looking forward to having and enjoyable experience. That was my first time and unfortunately it is not somewhere I would return.

This was MY personal experience. Have you been here before? Tell me how you liked it ?


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