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It’s A Party It’s A Party 

This past weekend my best friend invited me out to  a birthday celebration. The destination was K. Michelle’s restaurant Puff and Pedals. Between social media conversations and word of mouth my excitement was quite extensive.

I decided on a neutral fitted skirt, black high neck body suit, black flat shoes, a rose gold clutch with gold accessories. My best friend wore a fitted black jumper with a laced flower top and silver accessories.  We arrived to Edgewood Avenue at 7:30 pm Saturday evening. After driving up and down the street a few times in search of parking, we finally found a sensible parking spot.  Stepping out on the Atlanta sidewalk, we headed towards our destination.

Due to the wait time at Puff and Petals the decision was made to go another destination on Edgewood called  ” The Sound Table,” to past time.

Read : The Sound Table Experience

….And Then There Were Four 

Drenched in elegance, shimmer, glitter, glamour, fabulous chandeliers, fresh flowers, great music and comfortable seating, we had finally arrived. There was great energy walking through the doors of Puff and Petals. I must say the entire environment was quite alluring; you immediately feel welcomed, comfortable and ready to vibe.

We quickly realized this experience would be worth the wait……

The waiter was engaging and provided a great service, truly going over and beyond. He was very outgoing and even sung happy birthday to all of the birthday goers present and he could sang too! Yes sang! (LOL) It  was all refreshing considering the experience we just had with our previous waiter, at The Sound Table.

After we were seated, we were able to admire the surroundings. Every intricate detail was thought of.  The seating was pink, the curtains were pink, even the salt was pink!

It was by far the “girliest” place I had ever seen and I loved every moment of it.

On the televisions old black and white shows/movies were playing.

It reminded me of Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

This picture is credited to Google Images (behind the bar area)

After we were seated first things first ….the menu!


Note: You can click on the link below to go to the website and see the full menu for easy viewing.


For Full Menu Feel Free To Click Here

UPDATE: The menu has since been updated. 3 course meals are now available.

Drinks And Food 

Hats off to the chef, who came out to the table by the way (another plus), and the bartender. The drinks were great the food was awesome. We were very pleased and satisfied. The presentation of everything was creative and over the top, but in the best way.

Below are a few things we enjoyed at our table.


K. Michelle’s Humor- She Serious Though LOL

Check out these “House Rules” …….

funny 2


Overall we had a great time. I will definitely be returning!


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