You Picked the Wrong Mother

It was Saturday afternoon and two of my best friends and I decided to catch a movie. We decided on Kidnapped starring Haley Berry ( Karla Dyson).

Mother, Karla Dyson,  working to make ends meet and provide for her pride and joy, her son, Frankie Dyson.  What was supposed to be a fun afternoon at the park, turned into a nightmare.

Karla stepped away only for a moment but it was long enough for a kidnapper to spot Frankie alone and take him away.  After Karla’s phone dies she looks for Frankie to be where she left him but he was gone, kidnapped.


Scared, paniced, the worst thing that could happen did, her son had just been snatched and was being put inside of and old blue Mustang by a robust, white, disheveled woman. She ran, she screamed she pleaded NOOO!


The chase of a lifetime began, Karla ran on foot and fell, she lost her phone and a few other items from her bag. She got up with speed and got in her van and sped off behind the car.

There are many reviews about this particular movie some say it was a bore others say it was intense. I personally would give this movie a 6 or 7. The movie has great suspense your eyes are glued to the screen. Now, I am not going to lie I was ticked off the entire film. LOL I was upset about Karla’s judgement. There was a scene where she threw her wallet at the kidnappers in an attempt to get her son back, her entire wallet. There was nothing While they were at the park some creepy guy asked about her son in a way that would not make me leave my child anywhere. My  friends agreed. There were times when I questioned her judgement completely! She had no idea who these people were and the measures they would go threw to harm or kill her.

In the end we found out that the kidnappers she had been chasing throughout the movie had been selling children for years. They were arrested and more children were found.








All photos are credited to Google Images


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