I Love The 90’s: Throwback Thursday

It’s Thursday and of course in light of that I figured today would be an awesome day to discuss the 90’s! I love everything about it, the fashion, the TV shows, the fashion and how could you not like the music. OMG the music! We can live in the 90’s for a short while, right ?  Right! So, for the next couple of weeks Ill be presenting some of my favorite things from the 90’s!! Enjoy 




House Party 

How can you mention the 90’s and not mention House Party ?!? You have to be either too young or staying under a rock not to know about this infamous movies. As you can see it’s one of my absolute favorites. There is nothing like it and nothing like the ORIGINAL !!! I must say the clothes, the colors, the music and especially the dancing made this movie a hit! Below is the best scene ever. Check it out !! 

 Jon B 

He is a singer, a songwriter and producer. If you remember some of his hottest songs were They Don’t Know, Someone To Love, Pretty Girl and Are You Still Down just to name a few. You can check out his website www.jonbworld.com to see his latest updates and next shows. 


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