I Love the 90’s : Issa Throwback 2

Sunroofs, drop tops, gold rims and gold chains it’s just a 90’s thing. 

The Fugees

The Oh la la la’s , Lauryn Hill singing Killing Them Softly and vibing to Ready Or Not in a Lexus GS with gold rims and sunroof . The Fugees had some hottest songs in the 90’s.

Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel.

Photos were retrieved through Google Images.

Lauryn Hill is one of the most iconic women in music till this day: singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, actress. Besides being known in the Fugees she is best know for her album “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” selling more than 19 million copies.  (1998) It is by far a classic! She is counted as one of the best.


After having a role in the popular television soap oprah “As the World Truns,” Hill starred the film Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit. (1993) 

Who could forget her scene that was “off the top”

Rita Watson (Lauryn Hill )“Here I go on the microphone about to wreck it,
You thought a female MC couldn’t do it but now check it
If the blues is what you choose I’ll kick it Count Basie style
But if bebop is what you rock I’ll kick the Monk or some Miles
Won’t grab no Phillies, my style is willing if you let me
Or if I choose to ’cause women’s lib said I don’t have to
So think again before you test a sister
’cause with my girls behind me we got lots of power mister…” Lyrics retrieved from vouluweb.blogspot.com

Side Note: I love the song by Devin Kamin! Everything about it is awesome, unfortunately it was never released. 😦 

Someone did remake the instrumental though….

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