Equifax :”Security Breech, Security Breech !”

I don’t know about you, but the older I get the more I like to remain current on my credit score and credit report. In school we were not taught things about keeping up with your credit report, how to responsibly utilize your credit cards or what to do in the event of identity theft. As you get older your parents, mentors and even so college professors take the time to tell you the importance of keeping up with your finances and ensuring the safety of your identity.

Recently, Equifax finally announced its security breach. I say finally because the compromise took place back in July, however they failed to say anything – hoping to get a “grip” on things. There were over 143 million people affected by this! 143 million !!  It is currently September and there are so many things that could have went wrong during that period. Today it was revealed that in addition to the hack, there was an additional breach in March.

The biggest question is what now? How can you find out if you are a part of the 143 million? I was listening to a radio show on yesterday where there was great information given out on the how to’s and the what to do next.

Here is the link to see if your were impacted : Equifax Security 2017

If you were impacted financial specialist Jini Thornton states, the first thing you want to do is freeze your credit reports.

For more information and financial advice from Jini Thornton follow her on social media :




You can also listen to her live every Monday on the Willie Moore Jr. Radio Show. She gives advice and answers questions live.

In addition to credit freeze you can:

  • Check your current credit report for all three credit.
  • Continue to monitor all of your current accounts and report any fraudulent activities
  • You can place a fraud alert on your bank, credit and file accounts to ensure you are notified about any questionable activity.


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