How Can I Help? Hurricane Relief

Maria has left Puerto Rico completely powerless. You can only imagine it is hard for someone trying to contact a family member or friend just to see if they are still alive. According to CNN It has been a week and there still has been no aid after Maria.

How can you donate?

Kike Hernandez from the LA Dogers has organized a  You Caring  site to assist with those affected by the hurricane.

Capture.PNGAmerican Red Cross

You can go to the link by clicking on the snapshot below and selecting Hurricane Maria.

Another way to contribute to the American Red Cross is to text MARIA to 90999 to donate $10. (via NFL)

Indeed actually has many jobs posted to help with hurricane relief efforts.

Capture.PNGUnited Way 

You can click on the clip below to go to the website and donate.


Capture.PNGThese are only a few ways to help with hurricane relief. Please check you local community and local news sites to see how you can help those in need of assistance during this time. 

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