A Sold Out Event: About Last Night ….

Three for one night ….

After passing silent party flyers more then a few times on Facebook and listening to a close friend rave about what a great time she had at a silent party she attended, I decided to buy a ticket to the A3C “Silent Trap Party.” *Long winded I know (lol)*

Ripped jeans, black laced body suit, hoop earrings and a pink cap, red converse and  burgundy lips I was ready for a new experience. Two of my best friends joined me to experience the party trend.

The festivities were set to start at 9:30 PM; we arrived downtown on Auburn a little before that for parking purposes. If you have ever tried to find parking on anywhere close to Edgewood or Aurburn Ave downtown Atlanta, GA you know how that goes!


I paid to park across the street from the destination, a placed called Warehouse was the set location. Upon arrival there was line we stood in taking selfies, making Snapchat videos and checking out the scene.

Once you walk in your id is traded for a pair of the wireless headphones and the party begins. Inside the building were two levels including the outside area. There was one bar downstairs The inside had the feel of a lounge inside. Club lighting and 3 DJs spinning, the only noise you could hear was the chatter or the people insider conversing and ordering their next drink.

The only downside was due to the muggy weather it was HOT so we spent most our night outside.

There was a total of three DJs which meant we had the choice of three stations to flip to.  Something else interesting was since there was three DJ’s that meant a few host were on each station. The idea was to see which DJ could have the most people on their station. The greatest pro is the ability to switch songs whenever you wanted to, it’s genius, after all repeated songs are the worst. It also beats having to yell over loud music, whether chatting with friends, strangers or ordering a drink from the bar.

It was quite a refreshing experience, one I plan to invite more people to.

This particular event was hosted by Urban Fêtes

You can check out some of the video footage on my Instagram 


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