I Love the 90’s: Issa Throwback 7

It’s all about the 90’s kid…


The best toys, some of the greatest slow jams  and tv shows. Just admit it if you were a kid growing up in the 90’s it was the greatest! We were the “in betweens.” The time period when technology was being introduced through cell phones, pagers  (beepers) and two ways. Who could forget the infamous car phones!



The time when you could not hold up the phone line  being on the internet, unless you had two different phone lines.  When your internet was dial up and your AOL address said, “You’ve got mail.”


Via E online


CaptureI could go on and on about the transition from where we started to where we are now. Talking to my cousin yesterday I realized there are hardly any commercials for toys these days. I mean that was how I picked my Christmas list! I don’t see anything on TV unless it’s a infomercial. I remember wanting the Easy Bake Oven because the commercial or that cool Barbie dollhouse with a pool and elevator.  I remember thinking as a kid, “WOW Barbie can do all of that!”






“Hi There Face Here….”




Until next week……

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