Leave It In the House: Amazon Key

Amazon has announced  it’s new gadget called Amazon Key. The new technology allows the package courier to drop off your packages inside of your home.


When I first read about this (The Verge) new technology I thought ,

“Now why on Earth would I want to give a complete stranger that much access to my house?”

There are a few pros as well as cons when it comes to the Amazon Key.

On one hand eliminating  the worry of having an important package sitting outside the door, on the other hand you trusting a complete stranger access to your living space.

Amazon Key goes beyond the access to the package handler but you also can provide access to your family and friends.

Included in the  bundled package ($249.00)  is a camera that allows Amazon access to the activity in your home, so that you are able to watch the package handler at all times.

How can I ensure my privacy?

“Amazon is really focused on safety and security for all of our customers across the board,” Larsen said. “These drivers are the same drivers that you know and trust to deliver your Amazon packages today. They’re background checked and they are approved to deliver for Amazon.”-  Peter Larsen, Vice President of Delivery Technology  ( ABC)

I do believe these gadgets are extremely convenient and appear to be easy to use. The only question now is do you trust it enough to make the purchase?


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Author: Layla Sky

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2 thoughts

  1. Interesting post. The future is now it seems. Giving a stranger direct access to ones home for a “package drop off” is a bit well, unsettling. However, it would be great if there was a safe way for packages to be left for consumers. Personally, would prefer an outdoor Amazon Safty Box or something of that sort than to give strangers access to private spaces. Yet, it is understandable how some people wouldn’t mind and appreciate the potential convenience.
    Privacy is another good point. What if this access turns into a Cooperate stealth surveillance activity that’ll allow a deeper personal look at citizens and consumers? Definitely, this new potential amazon venture certainly raises questions and concerns. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes it raises many questions. I honestly would prefer it be left outside my door as well however, they are trying to address any potential safety concerns that anyone may have about it.


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