I Love The 90’s : Issa Throwback

The year was 1995….

After retiring from basketball and spending a year playing minor league baseball for year, Micheal Jordan was BACK!


How can you not mention his return without  mentioning the movie Space Jam? Space Jam was released in 1996.  In the movie Jordan plays himself. He is a retired basketball player that is playing basketball until a group of Looney Tunes desperately need his help. Ultimately Jordan comes out of retirement and returns to the NBA.

Launch of Space Jam sneaker 

I was so undecided on what to talk about this week so I decided why not both so…

The year was 1992 ….

“We don’t die we multiply.”

I loved BeBe’s Kids growing up! I actually still do. There are no dull moments at all. With that being said check out the clip below.

Bebe’s Kids

Did you know they also have a video game on Super Nintendo?


Until next time….


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