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From Newburgh, New York  to Atlanta, Georgia,  Morehouse graduate, Naj Murph, went from the classroom to the stage, pressing his way forward in the music game. He fell in love with hip hop at a young age and with the combination of his out going personality, ability to “play on words,” and networking skills, Naj Murph is one of the elite of his generation and generations to come.



I first fell in love with music in my father’s record store around three or four and I would ask my dad to either play Kid n Play or Mc Hammer, specifically, “Cant Touch This.” A couple of years later I was watching MTV with my pops and he gawking over T-Boz from TLC. The next two videos were Jay Z’s “Aint No N***a” and Wu-Tang’s “Triumph.” I was either five or six but I was SOLD on hip-hop. Shortly there after I would tell my mother that my cousin and I were Puff Daddy & Ma$e. This had to be around first or second grade. By sixth grade I wrote a rap for a camp activity and the teacher later signed my yearbook, “To my little rapper, Najee.” THAT is when I wanted to seek music as a career for 1000%.

 Class One -Well Rounded Kid

Naj Murph and Ab Soul
I must be honest when first meeting Naj and learning that Naj Murph was a MC, I was interested to know if he actually was a MC or just someone else trying to be famous.
After all is said and done this is Atlanta, GA and we have a city full of “wanna be” rappers  or hip hop artist who lack variety, lyrics and speak meaningless content in the studio.  Ultimately, it leads to empty music with no purpose or experience.
There are many people in our generation who want to “rap,” or do “hip hop” or at least they claim to.  Plainly we have a generation of “rappers.”
I was in for a great surprise…..

Newburgh, New York
One of my biggest questions to Naj was why should people listen to your music?  
What makes it any different then anyone else? 

People should listen to my music because I’m probably one of the most knowledgeable and biggest hip-hop fans my age. I fell in love with hip-hop during its Golden Era and I channel that in all of my music. So for someone who didn’t get an opportunity to experience that, I can give them vibe from my perspective without replicating an artist’s work from that time period. I can give a 16 and make people have crazy reactions and I can create melodies and flows that make people bounce. There’s a time and place for everything and I give a well rounded package of music naturally. That’s the best part.

After listening to mixtapes, videos , going to shows and even having the opportunity to watch the creative process -some content that is public and even some music that is not,  I must say I was very impressed.

The Naj Murph experience provides the listener with a variety of music by discussing society issues and relationships while also giving you music you can  dance to. His music is also very relatable. He is lyrically talented, metaphorically talented and provides the “ohhh” moment.
No matter  who you are, Naj Murph provides an experience for everyone who wants to dance or songs like Rampage that you just just vibe too. (“Rampage”-House Arrest Vol 1).   There is music for all.


 Feel Free To Click On The Mixtapes Below To Get The Naj Murph Experience:

Capture    Capture   Capture   Capture   Capture (Not pictured- “Murph Choice Awards” )

If you could pick any to feature with who would be your top 5?

Slick Rick, Babyface, Jay Z, Pharell, Cam’ron

Naj Murph-Rapper,Son, Brother,Friend, Teacher, Morehouse graduate
Read About Up And Coming Soulful Artist :Cupid Has Found Love

It’s More Than Music 

Is music the only thing you are interested in or will you seek other investments or careers such as radio, acting ,clothing line etc?

Music is my biggest love, but I have always wanted to act. I’m capable of doing radio and I’ve thought about it before, but I’m gonna hold off on that for now. I wouldn’t have a clothing line but I would definitely sell Student Union merchandise. On the flipside, I think it would be pretty dope to be a brand ambassador of a fresh urban wear brand.

“I’m 6’0″, wear a size 13 shoe, and I like playing pokemon on Gameboy color. I have a Super Nintendo, mad games, and I’m probably the best person you’ve never seen play Super Mario World.”

Recently I was at ” The People’s Brunch” where Student Union launched its’ catering company.  This was also a listening party for the highly anticipated album Mainstream Murph  and a video premier for Kamm Carson who actually just released his album and  is also part of the Student Union movement.

(See is information at the end of the article for catering needs)

This video is absolutely dope.

Kamm Carson’s “2016”

 Unity is certainly the highlight of Student Union. As a collective they decided to take their different talents and unite together to progress in their dreams and goals. Although united it does not take away from their individuality.
They complement each other.
It all started with a conversation with Naj’s mother….

Student Union came from a conversation with my mother one Christmas break when I was home in Newburgh. She asked me if the campus had a Student Union and I told her that I didn’t know what it was. She went on to tell me that it was basically a place where students came together and studied, hung out, etc. I told her that I was going to start my own Student Union on campus. Although it wasn’t quite the same, Student Union represents what that “Student Union” building on my mother’s campus represented, togetherness. As a unit we truly show how working together brings ideas to life.

While talking with Naj, I have also learned how much he cares about his community, the youth and the importance of their success. It is clear that he truly has a love for God,  family, music and all people.
Student Union is not only about music but helping people grow, connect, succeed and having a great time while doing it. Student Union is a great example of what can happen when you beat the odds.

“…It’s their choice and they choose to change the world, its my choice and I choose to change the game.” -Naj Murph- Murph Choice Awards

“The biggest piece of advice I can give is to stay consistent. Consistency shows people you’re serious and if they think you’re serious, they’ll take you seriously. Next big piece, be everywhere. Go to events and talk to people, exchange social media contacts and business cards. What keeps me going is competing with myself. I’m already better than everyone else because nobody can be Najee Murphy. It’s humanly impossible. As long as I continue to chase a greater me and try to impress myself more than the last time I’ll always keep going.”

Bonus Video


 Naj Murph- “The Guy”

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Kamm Karson’s Sophomore Album 
“They Thought It Was Over”, which is available  everywhere.

Available On:

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 Student Union affiliate Beat Boy 

He’s produced Kamm and Naj Murph’s  most recent albums.Check Producer Beat Boy Out On Instagram 

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For the latest updates, music and content check out the Student Union Website below:

Student Union Website


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