Love the Skin Your In

I am more than a little excited to share what this business owner has to offer. The products she offers is amazing and her outgoing personality reflects the passion behind  it. After having the privilege of meeting Whitney at an expo and using her products, I definitely wanted to share her business.

So Lets Meet Whitney…

When did your start your business? What made you start your own business and why this product?

Capture4“I started my business back in January, so it’s still a baby! Lol

My business was a business, before it was a business. Does that make sense? So, originally I was making bath bombs for Christmas presents and it blossomed into more. I choose these products because I’m certified in holistic remedies and love skin.”

“Writing has been my therapy forever! Lol.  When I was beginning my ‘business’ I wanted it to be different, I wanted there to be a story and each line to be special. I love hearing people talk about Annabella or Elshaday like they know them!”

So I know you may be thinking who is Annabella or Elshaday? I thought we were talking about Whitney . Well, one of the reasons why this product line is unique, every product has a name and a story, a personal story. As every product expands so does the story. Here is and excerpt from the webpage …..

Meet Annabelle:


“Anabella stares in the large beveled mirror. She watches her very made and beautiful face, curls large and wild, a red peony in her hair. Her skin soft and beautiful. She is preparing. In her mind, she knows that she does this everyday. Her entire being, her gift, she pours onto the stage every night. She opens this 24k gold cigarette case, and slides out a clove cigarette, with perfectly manicured nails. Beautiful? She understands the concept. She sees what they see, but she sees what they don’t see… Underneath the soft exterior is the soft smell of wildflower fields, sweet melted candy, and fresh hung linen… Her memories… She pours her candle on her skin and rubs her arms down to shimmer, “Anabella, it’s time…” She completes her preparation, she is ready. She will leave her scent on the stage…

Meet Elshaday

Capture.PNG” Elshaday rolled over in her soft blue silk sheets, and peered out of her large window to the rolling hills of her countryside. She went over her agenda for the day. Smiling, shaking hands, engaging in dull and mundane conversation, wearing the corset and headdress that feels like a bejeweled straight-jacket. She dreads the parties that her parents throw, but being a princess isn’t a choice. She lights a candle, closes her eyes and remembers the strong embrace of secret lover, and how they shared the most comforting embrace, she remembered the smell of the fresh linen, the water from the river, and the early morning mountain top covered in dew. It lifted her spirit. It made her light. She poured the candle on her skin and felt her lover. She was ready… Princess Elshaday.”

As you can see, each product’s  story line  makes using them that much more interesting. The candles not only smell good but are truly an awesome moisturizer for the skin. It is light, silky  and perfected for sensitive skin. The days of not being able to use scented moisturizers is over. The Black Luxxe Collection also offers a variety of body scrubs and a face mask through the website.


Are all of your products natural and handmade ?

Every product is made by my hands and all my ingredients are organic.

  Pictured above is rose oil and raw coconut oil. Coconut oil is the base of most of Whitley’s natural products. The featured rose oils is beneficial for: decreased postpartum depression, skin health, libido and hormone health. 

Where can we purchase your product?

My products are exclusively online right now.
I’m also online at It’s an awesome platform for black businesses to sell to people. Here is my  affiliate link.

Will there be anything new that we should be on the look out for?

Yes!!!!  I am formulating my eczema relief line. It will include a soap, a whipped body lotion, and a massage candle. It’s going to smell great and rid you of that itchy skin.

What is your favorite product so far?

That’s like asking me if I have a favorite child, (LOL) but I would say, that my SOAPA collection was by far the most fun to make and name!
My massage stories will always hold the crown for being my most beautiful creations!

When is your next event?

Right now I’m gearing up for the holiday season. I’m  about to begin teaching love languages this fall in the local community and starting my car chronicles YouTube channel, so a sista is busy a tiiiiieeeeedddd.  (LOL) I will be back on the scene come October. So  follow the Facebook and instagram page, Black Luxxe collection, for updates.

If you can not already tell, Whitney is completely dedicated to the expansion of her business and product line. I personally bought one of the candles and really enjoyed it. Usually, I am unable to use scented products due to sensitive skin, but my skin remained “unbothered.” I must say it was quite refreshing. I am excited to see what Black Luxxe Collection will come up with next. Be sure to support this independent business by going to the website and making your purchase. Tell me what you think.



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 I love what I do, it is my passion and my art.

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