Underground Radio: Get Exposed

 Not Just Another Radio Show…..

She is an entrepreneur,  radio personality, producer, public speaker and female advocate. You could almost lose you breath naming everything that Maureen Guest does. She is 50 and fabulous!

Capture.PNGMaureen Guest has taken the word hustle and elevated it to a new level. Of all the things she does they all involve  elevation of others in one form or another, which shows her clear passion or care for other people.

The radio show she does for example gives independent artist a chance to shine and be heard on the radio. Mbodyment Underground Radio (WIGO AM 1570).

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In addition to the radio show she also host an open mic in Union City, GA every Thursday at Sergio’s Pizza Bar. Different artist are able to  showcase their talent and new music free of charge followed by a cypher at the end of the night. (8pm-midnight).

Mainstream Murph 24


Cupid Has Found Love


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Health and Wellness 

 She is more than radio….

She is also an 2015 & 2016 NGA Figure
Athlete/Competitor, a certified Personal
Trainer & Boot Camp Instructor under the
National Academy of Sports Medicine. ….

“As the Founder of Mbodyment’s Action Against Obesity Foundation, Co., Maureen’s long term goal is to
enable others integrate health and fitness as a lifestyle and mindset for purposes of achieving an
enhanced quality of life.”


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Contact Maureen Guest at mguest@mbodymentgroup.com.

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Freshman Class 2017-Hip Hop

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