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Dynamic Duo:They Say Two Is Better Than One

It’s getting close to summer, car tops are dropping, the sun is shining and not a cloud in the sky. The Atlanta weather is getting nicer and it’s about that time to ride out.

 The weekend has arrived, you know your ride is the cleanest , with the fastest engine, and not to mention the feet. You  shower, brush your teeth and the time has come to see what you are about to put on with those fresh J’s you purchased.

Well royalty has arrived, and “Da Cr8w” is not only a way of life for car-heads, but a brand. With a passion for cars, fashion, and the fast lane,  these two decided it was time to turn their passion into a business. After Queen took a big leap of faith, who better to ask then Chris, to build an empire with. Together they are turning their dreams into reality. Just like that  “Da Cr8w” was birthed on  January 3, 2017.


In my latest conversation with the lady of the hour ,Queen and her business partner Chris,  I was able to learn more about the owners and the deeper meaning to the brand “Da Cr8w.”

Up and Coming 

What exactly is Da Crew and what does it represent?

 Although Da Cr8w represents the fast lane, fashion , a true passion  and love for cars the meaning behind Da Cr8w, ultimately it represents unity, family and loyalty under a common interest . 

After the lost of a very close friend  in October 2016, a greater desire was accelerated to Da Cr8w . They will not  just be another name or idea but a brand, an empire.  

 I took a leap of faith with the little money I did have and started to invest in my passion for cars, with a twist with fashion. I was so afraid of stepping out on my own but, with the help of a very dear friend and mentors, who’s heavily involved in marketing and branding, I did it and I’m extremely proud of how it’s going so far.  He told me “It takes money to make money and you’ll only fail if you don’t try at all.” My ultimate goal is to  make it so my mom will never have to work again.




 We were like a family all about cars , we would have group chats daily and get together with just us riding through Atlanta  and linking up with other car heads – we were “Da Cr8w.”


What is next ?

In addition to upholding this brand, this dynamic duo is also focused on multitasking their additional goals as well.

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Queen, mother of three,  is currently managing her nephew’s singing career,

branding her daughter for her modeling career, writing a book of poetry,

(“Memoirs of She”), music and opening a restaurant. 

“Dat Sh#t Slo”


 Chris stated that he actually also has a crew called “Low Life.”

He also directs  videos for upcoming artist,that  his car has made many appearances for. At this time he is

working towards getting his dream car “Hell Catch Charger” – Dodge and expanding his networking to connect with major names and companies.

“Risk Just Take It”
Fast engines and fresh feet ” Da Cr8w”  fresh fleet

Time To Shop

This   brand offers a hot look for clothing for men who enjoy take flight pass the slow lane or if you just like the brand; so get your adrenaline pumped and make people ask,  “Aye where you get that from?”

There are a variety of dad hats, crop-tops, t-shirts and even backpacks. 


Below are a few things they offer,please click the link to see more and make a purchase.









Online Store: Purchase Da Crew Apparel

Contact information

Follow Queen, Chirs and Da Crew

Personal  IG: Connect With Queen On IG

Personal IG : Connect With Chris On IG

Facebook ” Da Cr8w” Apparel  page :Follw on Facebook

Instagram  “Da Cr8w” Apparel Page : Follow on Instagram

Make A Purchase Online Store: Purchase Da Crew Apparel

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Stay tuned for the next up and coming……

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  1. Eli says:

    Absolutely amazing story. Makes me very excited about my love for Motorsports and family. I will definitely be supporting Da Cr8w brand.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kissxd says:

      Thank you so much !! Your support is more then welcomed!!


  2. Kissxd says:

    And appreciated


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