You Fancy Huh?

Welcome to D.I.V.A Doll Nation

From modeling, promotions to owning her own online boutique she is fun, strong, independent and an educated mother; this diva  has definitely earned the title “self-starter.” I recently sat down with Santrean to find out a little bit more about what the D.I.V.A. is about and to see what she is working on now. 

For those who have no idea , what exactly is D.I.V.A. Doll Nation?

“A group of women striving to be better, successful, and supportive of each other. We sisters just want to have fun, celebrate happiness, accomplishments ,create positive sisterly bonds, give faith and hope, give encouragement and enjoy each others company!”

What does it mean to be a D.I.V.A. Doll?

“Determined independent Vivacious Admirable”

How do you become a part of D.I.V.A. Doll Nation?

“Just set your mind on what it is you want and seek advice/support in this sisterhood by joining the movement. You can join our group via Facebook.”

This group looks like it is full of positive energy and promotion for personal dependence and growth. Is there any community service that you have done?

“A few things that some we have done are donations for the homeless and  breast cancer walk. I also have a sub group called  “Mommy and Me.” This group is to help promote better parenting for mothers. This also gives mothers a chance to come together to help each other as we do group activities with our children. “

Supporting the cure for breast cancer at the breast cancer walk in Atlanta, GA

Have you ever considered starting a non profit ?


What makes you want to be so independent?

“Self motivation is the best enrichment for great self-esteem. Independence within itself is always a good thing.”

Looks like you have a pretty great head on you. I know you have a few things going on with D.I.V.A. Doll Nation but I also know you have a boutique so let’s talk about whats you have going on with that. How long have you been an entrepreneur?

6 years

What does Santrean’s Boutique sale, make or  have ?

“Right now I have jewelry (handmade and manufactured), make up and  African fragrance body oil for men and women.” 

set up
Specializing in handmade jewelry and body scrubs and African imported fragrance oils for men and women. This is one of the displays from an event.

What advice do you have to become a self starter?

“Be determined, have a plan, and stay focused.”

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So how can we find you on social media ?

Diva Nation FB Group:
Santrean’s Boutique page & group

What can we expect next for you?

“Right now I will continue to focus on Santrean’s Boutique.” 

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Santrean’s boutique has it all. Whether its the night out with your best friends or date night with your significant other. Santrean’s Boutique has the right things to spruce up you outfit. I did actually  make a few purchases myself including a bracelet, earrings and a few lip colors – that I absolutely loved by the way ! The best part is it is all very affordable! I am excited for whats next for this D.I.V.A. Be sure to check her on Facebook and Instagram.


Diva Nation FB Group:
Santrean’s Boutique page & group

Stay tuned for the next up and coming …..

Strong. Fabulous. Self Sufficient. Driven. 

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