Detroit 1967: Living In The Times


Not Another Movie

The five day Detroit riots in 1967, has been documented as one of the most violent moments in history. So violent in fact, the National Guard was called in to subdue the destruction and violence taking place. Buildings burned to the ground,  civil rights violated and  people were beaten and humiliated.

Reviewing some of the timeline of the movie Detroit…..

The movie started out with a captioned review of history followed by the start of the “Blind Pig” operation.    The idea behind “Blind Pig” operations was to shut down establishments hosting illegal activities, such as after hour drinking, gambling prostitution and drug activity. Women and men were told to exit the establishment and were lined and sent into patty wagons. Women were violated, grouped  and men were belittled. Decorated soldiers returning from Vietnam War were no exception.  An angering crowd of onlookers surrounded the area. The breaking of one glass started a five day rampage.  Rocks, glass bottles and anything else that could be thrown at the police and their squad cars as they fled the scene.

Shots fired shots fired !!!

According to the movie, there were shots fired from the Algiers Motel that lead to three black teens being  killed and nine others, including two white young females, being beaten and humiliated. Some of the facts about the events at Algiers Motel have been said to debatable.

The  movie was based on research and the story of those who survived.

The experience

Watching this movie was extremely surreal, especially when you consistently watch, read and hear stories of so much injustices in our current times. The lines blur over themselves; the only way you can decipher the difference between then and now is the  the characters wore and the cars that they drove. The movie also shines light on a generational hate. No one is born hating another person, it certainly is a learned behavior through the company one chooses to keep and unfortunately home life.

I simple am unable to imagine hating or disliking someone for something so shallow or just plainly stupid. The thought is disgusting by itself. Quite frankly the energy required to hate someone is draining. I do believe to hate someone requires that you care just as love does. We were all created with too much purpose and to enjoy life. Detroit provided dynamic insight and reflection of history.

( You can read more about the Algiers Motel Incident and the 1967 Detroit Riots  from a few sources including Detroit News , History.comBlack Past

As I sat through this 2 hour film it became a hard reality to swallow……..

And then this happens……

Am I Back At The Theater?

With this weekends past events in Charlletoville,VA one thought surfaced, will this be the next movie in history 20 years from now?  Detroit is no longer a moment in time that was over come its a reflection of our now. How can this be ? Riots in the street, people hurting one another in the name of what exactly? Skin color? Power? Is this terrorism?

Google defines terrorism as: the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

Reviewing the news, pictures and other media  brings so much devastation. People hate other humans on the bases of such things as skin color or other preferences. I fell like once again, I am back in the movie theater watching a film of history.   As Americans concern themselves with wars overseas we have a war right here in our backyards, unfortunately with a fellow American.  What do you say to the upcoming generations?

Are we back in time?  

Political Leaders  Speak Out ….

Capture.PNGCapture.PNGCapture.PNGCapture.PNGCapture.PNGCelebrities Speak Out: Huffing Post

With all of the violence taking place in Charlottesville, Americans sat and waited, waited the The President of the United States of America TO SAY OR DO SOMETHING!! After all the anticipation of the man know to tweet finally he spoke. Unfortunately, there were so many disappointed and angered about what he had to say or failed to say.

CaptureCaptureAfter all the backlash…..

Capture.“Great leaders do not blame the tools they were given. Great leaders work to sharpen them.” – Simon Sinek

What are your thoughts ?

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