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Pampered poised and polished to perfection. Natural is now one of the most trending topics today; natural hair, natural products, natural nails even foods. Most would argue that a “natural” lifestyle is the healthiest way of life. There are not many places or businesses you go to that for any product do not offer a natural option. This week I was able to try “On 10 by Bambi.” Here is a little more information about her product and the other services she offers to her clients. She provides an educational and personal experience.

Starting 5 years ago, the On 10 By Bambi brand was made to provide clients with an exclusive option that was handmade and natural. Bambi wanted to create a choice that was better for the skin and over all care of the body.  Because her products are handmade with quality and passion, each client receives a personal experience.

With your purchased you are educated on why choosing this natural option is better compared to a manufactured product.

I like the fact that her product is also very affordable. Some of us go inside the store wondering will a product actually work. No one likes wasting money and time on expensive products that do not work.

The great news is  brand offers a small sampling of each product for less then $10, so that you can try it first.


Moisturizing Scrub

The Moisturizing Scrub is an all natural full body scrub that will bring moisture and radiance back to your skin. Made with Myrrh, Palmarosa and other natural ingredients the Moisturizing Scrub will:

– help your skin retain moisture
– prevent aging
– reduce the replication of cancer cells
– form a protective shield to UV rays
– restore elasticity
– accelerate wound healing
– promote tissue repair

Antibacterial Scrub

The Antibacterial Scrub is an all natural full body scrub that will revitalize the health of your skin and fight infection. Made with Rosemary, Cypress and other natural ingredients the Antibacterial Scrub will:

– stimulate the immune system
– remove toxins from the body
– prevent acne
– relieve nervousness and anxiety
– combat cancer and heart disease
– remove excess water and salt
– aid in respiratory congestion
– improve memory and alertness

Muscle Rub

The Muscle Rub is an all natural body rub that will strengthen your joints and muscles and reduce swelling and pain. Made with Sandalwood, Thyme and other natural ingredients the Muscle Rub will:

reduce skin infection
– improve movement disorders and spasms
– decrease body pain and stress
– increase natural blood flow
– stimulate circulation and digestion
– reduce blood pressure
– fight cancer cells and radiation damage

Ready to make a purchase yet?

 Visit Her Website Here

Healthy Nails

Escape the worries from life for a moment of relaxing  and pampering. Bambi is also a licensed nail tech. In addition to educating you on her product she can educated you on health nail care so that you can be at your healthiest. When you visit her social pages you will also notice that she completes her nail care with no drills. 

Get the complete experience by visiting the full service salon located in Morrow, GA.

  These are only some of the services provided:

Hair Extension 

Natural hair care

Hair Removal

Eyelash Extensions

Nail Salon

Skin Care



and more…

Stay Connected and Up To Date  


Call: 404.913.3227

Visit: 1389 Mt. Zion Rd, Morrow, GA 30260



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