This past Sunday Santrean  invited me out to a pop up shop presented by Be Original Expo. I came out to catch up on latest updates and products for Santrean’s Boutique.  I also was interested in seeing what other vendors would be in attendance.


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She added an additional accessory line to her existing boutique- Paparazzi. Paparazzi offer a substantial about of accessories for the price of only $5!! If you enjoy accessories as much as I do, you know it can get pricey.  

“A girl just has to have her accessories, it’s an absolute must!” …..-Kissxd Xoxx

Do not fret if you also have sensitive skin,Paparazzi kept you in mind. It is nickle and lead free!  


Another day of success for Santrean’s Boutique. In addition, to the accessories she also offered body oils and oils for your candle burner. The oils were definitely a big hit. I even bought some myself. I was hoping she did have a few lip colors, but they were unavailable.  She sold out of a few body oils that were requested, however she has promised to have more soon.  Remember you still order and follow up with Santrean on Instagram, Facebook and her website.  

Extra Footage:

CaptureThere were other vendors set up from wall to wall looking to attract potential buyers. Accessories, clothing, handmade items, crystals, catering, cupcakes even  a mobile bartender.

Over the next few weeks I will discuss more about some of the business owners I  had the pleasure of meeting as well as their products and services offered, but here is a quick preview of a few.

First Stop …FOOD!

Now if you have had the pleasure of meeting me or reading a few other post, you know I like to eat. (chuckles)

Like I always say , ” Who doesn’t enjoy a good meal?” So naturally the first thing I am going to discuss is food!

The caterer offered a few samples of a key lime cupcake and also a strawberry cupcake. She also had shrimp tacos for $3 each. The food was all pretty affordable. There was lemon and pepper wings, baked beans, greens and a special fruit juice she made. 





More Coming Soon About The Following Products and Services …….

All Natural Handmade 


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The Author 

This concludes the preview  …..


“You have officially been Kissxd “

Look out for “Money Motivation Monday” and “Up and Coming Wednesday” 


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“Kissxd by few, loved by many – You have officially been Kissxd”

Author: Layla Sky

Welcome to my melting pot. Here you will find a combination of my interest and hobbies- music,fashion, traveling and events and more. There is more then one aspect of life happening so I decided why not blog about all of them. I am Kissxd by the sun, blessed with the grace, power and love of The Most High. I enjoy helping others and unexpected blessings. Follow me on my journey of discovery . Comment. Share. Like . Subscribe. Kissxd By few, loved by many- You have officially been Kissxd!

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