Winning Woman Wednesday -Lakisha Chapman

God fearing, woman of faith, a mother of three, an author, a songwriter, an empowerment speaker and entrepreneur, she is a woman  who goes after life with everything in her and won’t stop until she had obtained all God has for her. Her name is Lakisha Chapman and she is without a doubt in her season and taking no loses.

  I am sure this is one of many, she is determined and focused. If you know like I know there is no stopping a focused woman with ambition and determination. With God on her side she won’t be losing.


I had the pleasure of being invited to her new business launch for Ennoble Spaces. This new  launch was everything, beautiful, quaint and all that she wanted. A room full of family, friends a great supporters. The elegant décor laced the room with grace every detail thought of, it was flawless.  The “sweets table” eye catching and every bit of a delight.

Lakisha has secured a name for herself and her business with sponsors such as WalMart, Sprint, Papa Johns, and Microsoft.  She had also done events for Katrina “Trina” Laverne Taylor and Kimberly Michelle Pate also known as “K. Michelle,” just to name a few.


Let’s meet the phenomenal woman Lakisha Chapman…

So Ms. Chapman where did the name Ennoble Spaces come from?

” I get this question all the time. I actually came up with another name and about a month before my launch, I said to myself, ‘This isn’t the name I want for my company. I need a name that describes me, the company and our services.’  I started playing around with words that describe me and my services, can’t even remember what made me search for the words in French. Long story short Ennoble is French for elevate. I said this is perfect. When it comes to Spaces, I was thinking about people’s personal space, in their home and/or office, so that’s how we came up with Ennoble Spaces.”


What prompted or inspired  you to start your own business and why offer this type of business service or product?

“I was an entrepreneur when I was in high school and studied (COE) Cooperative Office Education. In high school, I designed heart pillows and sold them in small, medium and large sizes, of which was a success. Each day I would sell them, I would sell out. I  was born to be an entrepreneur. I chose this industry because people need it,  I do it well and it’s lucrative.”

For those who don’t know what services or product do you offer and where can we find out more information about the services you offer?

I offer cleaning, organizing and interior décor. You are able to find more information at the Ennoble Spaces website :


What sets your business apart, why should people choose you as an option ?

Our service! We’re  not only able to clean your home and/or office, but organize it and decorate it! Elevating your environment with one phone call and one company! I’m all about service and meeting the needs of my clients.


“My advice is to KEEP praying, STAY with it, Keep BELIEVING, Keep the FAITH, KEEP your EYES on the FINISH LINE and you will GET there! FAITH has KEPT me and KEEPS me going!”

Ms. Chapman is  a woman on a mission, to say the least. In this year Ms. Chapman will have additional launches coming soon including, her next business venture in June. Note that this is Ennoble Spaces for Atlanta, which is a hint that signifies expansion coming soon ! If you are not in the Atlanta area I am sure she will be in a city near you soon. I for one, am excited and happy to support such greatness. It’s always motivating to see women walking and talking with confidence and power. She is completely changing spaces, minds and  encouraging others with her words and actions. If you haven’t yet be sure to visit the website and follow her on social media.

She is definitely a Winning Woman!


Social Media and Contact Information

Phone:  1-833-ENNOBLE




Instagram/LaKisha Chapman

Facebook/Ennoble Spaces of Atlanta

Instagram/Ennoble Spaces of Atlanta

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Check out the Ennoble Spaces Blog page!



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