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When it comes to food I am a complete “foodie.” Eating new foods and trying new things have always been at the top of my list. I do enjoy cooking as well, actually I like doing pretty much anything that allows creativity ! Lately I have been “brunching” different places I have not been around Atlanta, GA. Bottomless mimosas, great company, meeting people and most importantly great food – what more could a girl ask for. So, I decided why not write about it, after all they say “sharing is caring.”  Which actually is a perfect leeway to my next point …

I almost always go out to eat with people who don’t mind sharing :

1. We never order the same item on the menu. I mean what’s the point of that, it’s a new experience with different dishes and my table usually looks more like a buffet. No don’t get me wrong it is your food and your ticket, so no that does not mean you have to allow the people at the table to indulged and take over you plate. Even for me that’s a no go LOL , however we usually have great variety.

2. Yes it’s brunch so yes you do have to get up in the morning after all you feel much more accomplished if you start your day early. A great time to arrive for brunch for me is usually between 11:00AM and 1:00PM. Any later than that you may miss out !

3. I always check out menus before I go anywhere (brunch or not) that way there are no surprises with prices and I kind of get an idea of what I want.

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Now let’s brunch…

In no particular order here are a few places I have been so far :


Copeland’s of course is a well known food chain. If you have never been they are a New Orleans restaurant with a variety of Cajun dishes on their menu. I have actually been here for brunch and dinner. I will say I have never had a bad experience. For brunch they do have the buffet option with a variety of dishes to choose from. From  traditional  grits, eggs, bacon, sausage , salmon , jambalaya and even a variety of bread puddings and fresh fruits -that’s just to name a few. There is not an option for bottomless mimosas but they do sale a variety of them.


The buffet is available from 10:00AM until 3:00PM on Saturday and 9:30AM – 3:00PM on Sundays. Your probably wondering how much well here is the breakdown:

  • Saturday: Adults : $19.95 each, Children Ages 5-10 : $11.95 and Children Under 5 are FREE
  • Sunday: Adults : 29.95 each, Children Ages 5-10: $14.95 and Children Under 5 are FREE!

On Saturday it is obviously  a little cheaper if you are watching your budget. I usually visit the Cumberland location located on Cobb Parkway in Atlanta, GA.  What I did enjoy about their brunch is essentially the buffet is “bottomless.” The environment is welcoming and great to go with family, friends or alone. The food definitely won my vote and this is somewhere I will continue to visit!

Click Here To Visit Copeland’s Website

Atlanta Breakfast Club: If you enjoy great food and great service, you have to go to the Atlanta Breakfast Club! If I had to create a list of top picks this would definitely be amoungst  them!  The restaurant has more of a diner feel, family friendly and welcoming. There is even a place for kids to grab some chalk and write on the wall.  They are located in on Ivan Allen in the city of Atlanta, GA. (Right next to Suite Lounge)img_7592

The food is great, fresh and inexpensive. Now the wait time can be a bit lengthy but is well worth the wait. Because this restaurant is located in the city of Atlanta, parking can be limited, I would recommend a ride share service, paid parking or planning to walk.


Click Here To Visit Atlanta Breakfast Club Website


Menu via Atlanta Breakfast Club website

The Pig and The Pearl:


The food, the food, the food! This restaurant is located right next to Downtown Atlanta in Atlantic Station. I visited here with a couple of close friends, we usually have a monthly ritual that usually involves much food and some activities. (LOL) I have visited Atlantic Station quite a few times for different reasons or destinations however, I was a first time visitor to this restaurant. I was far from disappointed! We made reservations a few days earlier because we had a party of about 10-12 people. It was satisfying that we were able to even make reservations online! *Yes, convenience!*  We had great window seating that allowed us to enjoy the beautiful day, it was perfect !

The name  of the restaurant makes the type of food they offer some what self explanatory.  Looking at the menu left me completely indecisive , in a great way.  Each time I would make a decision, someone else’s order was being carried to another table. It all looked so good. One thing we did not have a hard time with was drinks. The mimosas were truly bottomless. After all what’s brunch without bottomless mimosas?  (especially when you have the option)  All of our food was absolutely great, prepared and cooked to perfection.  The serving size for each item was substantial and  we were all full and satisfied.


So what’s on the menu ? (Brunch Menu below)

Brunch is available on Saturdays and Sundays

Visit The Pig and The Pearl Website Here 

Menu via The Pig and The Pearl website

55th and Park:


Let me start by telling you how I came across this restaurant lounge, Instagram. Yes, Instagram! If you have not figured it out now I enjoy eating food, so when I saw the food pictures from their Instagram page on my timeline, I absolutely had to see more.

55thandparkbaconAfter so many views my best friend and I decided to pay a visit for brunch. Upon arrival we paid $10 for valet parking services and entered the restaurant. We were greeted as we entered the door and asked, “How many?” We were seated and ready to order. We decided on the french toast, bacon and chicken and waffles. The portion size I ordered was unexpectedly smaller than I thought it would be. The chicken and waffles was displayed and presented just as the picture showed it on Instagram, however the chicken taste slightly burnt or possible cooked in bad grease. In addition, I ordered the bottomless mimosas and was only given three glasses and not even 3 full glasses. The portion was smaller each time. ( not very bottomless) Our server was not the most attentive. I must admit I was a bit disappointed with the experience.

Visit 55th and Park Website Here 


Bone Lick BBQ


I had no idea Bone Lick had a brunch about until me and a friend were looking for somewhere to eat one Sunday afternoon. We were looking for something close by to where we were and Bone Lick became our destination. We both actually had visited this spot before however , it was usually during the evening hours followed by going next door to Music Room.

For brunch I decided to have something not on the Brunch Menu – Brisket Dip. What’s funny is when I ordered the Brisket Dip I was under the impression that it was actually dip not a sandwich. Never the less it was good. My friend ordered the Creole Shrimp and Grits. Neither of us had ever had the shrimp and grits dish with tomato sauce, it was different. It is not something that I would personally order again.

As I stated before, what is brunch without mimosas ?  *LOL* We both ordered the bottomless mimosas. I wish I could say our customer service was great, unfortunately it wasn’t. We had no idea why our server had such a terrible attitude. I said maybe she was having a bad day, I was not really sure but it definitely made that experience less enjoyable. I was happy it was not my first time there otherwise I may have never went back. I have returned since then, not for brunch, and had a great experience.


Visit Bone Lick BBQ Website Here 

Do you have any brunch experinces you would like to share or recommend? Be sure to leave your recommendations and comments below!



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