Holiday Spending: Start Early

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire Jack Frost nipping at your nose…..…The sweet smell of pine trees, faint scents of cinnamon and  the crackle of the fireplace. Mom bakes fresh cookies and makes the best hot chocolate.  Turkeys dress family tables and  inspirational singing fills the air, the chill of wind that surrounds winter coats,  and wrapped scarfs, the crunch of old leaves under warm boots- “tis the season.”

Yes, it is almost that time for the big holiday season and I am personally excited! I love the winter and fall holidays. You sit by the fire, people aree a little bit more friendly and “fuzzy” inside because of the holiday season. You get to enjoy the company of family friends and holiday parties. Life is good.


Lets Go Christmas Shopping Now 

Yes, I know we have not even made it to Labor Day yet and here I am talking about Christmas shopping. It it time to prepare your wallets if you have not started yet its a great idea to get ahead. Every year there are so many last minute shoppers. They usually can not find what they are looking for, in a crowd full of aggressive shoppers ,who spend everything in their pockets to bring joy to someone’s face. When New Year’s rolls around everyone is on a “budget.” Just think, if you started right now how much pressure it would relieve. I admit I too am a last minute shopper. Right after Christmas, my birthday comes in January ,  I decided to do something different this year after discovering a few tips to save on money and time:

Planning: The first two things listed are most important. Before you consider doing anything the first two things should be done.  

1.) Make a list and check it twice. List all of the people you plan to shop for. This cuts down on forgetfulness, especially if you have a million other things to worry about during the holiday season. If by chance you do forget someone purchase an extra gift or two, it’s not something that has to be big and extravagant.

2.) Budget. What is your budget? Decide on a budget and stick to it. The idea is not to overspend. This is the most important.

2.)  Buy a gift card or two every time you get paid throughout the year as gifts for birthday, weddings, baby showers, Christmas etc.


3) The Thought Does Count. You may not be able to get every person you want a gift but you may want to give them something, get a box of Christmas cards and give them out after all it is the thought that counts. People like to know you thought of them. If you can add something special like a family photo.

“May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness, and tied with love.” -Attributed to L.O. Baird

4.) Mini Gifts Made Into One. Every gift does not have to be a big gift. Buy a stocking and stuff away. Consider what you know about the person(s) you are purchasing for. What do they like ? Example: I love cute socks, make up, food, lip prints and most things that are useful. Knowing these things if I were shopping for me: I could purchase a stocking for $1- $5, go to places like Walmart and get socks for about $1-$7 (depending on the pack size), pick up a few eye shadows , lip gloss or lipstick, get a $10 gift card and maybe find a cute t-shirt for $5. In the event I wanted to add to that, I could with other things I may need. I always ask people for floss sticks, so my friend bought a few packs to add to my gift last year. It may be small to others but, I was grateful lol and excited. 

5.) Find the sale! Use coupons and shop around.


Although Christmas was mainly discussed, that is not the only time you can use these money saving tips. Use them year round whether its birthdays, weddings, baby showers or congratulation presents. If you celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving you still want to make a list and set a budget of the things you are going to purchase. Be flexible with your list and find the sales. Check your newspaper, store ads and coupon saving websites.

Tip: Some stores have exclusive savings for online purchases. Do not count out the internet. 

Hope these tips help you save some money!! Happy shopping !

What tips do you use ? Comment below


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