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Most recent winner of Tight 32 contest hosted by Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta, GA, Clayt gives more insight about his music and upcoming projects!


Q: How long have you been doing music?

A: I was 8 when I first started writing rhymes. Classic, composition notebook type story. It was really just for fun. I used to make my own books with illustrations and all that stuff, so I just saw it as that, another extension of my imagination. The first time I ever recorded, I was 15. That’s really what made me fall in love with it, hearing my own voice. A few years went by and I decided I wanted to take it serious when I was 18. Music really is a journey though, even with all that history, I feel like I’ve really only just begun, knowing what I know now.

Q: Tell me about your creative process. 

A:  I’m always inspired to write based off the music I hear. More recently I’ve gone away from writing things down and just record as I go. It’s been different for me since I’m used to the traditional, sit down and listen to the beat 1000 times and come up with verses style rap, but I enjoy the challenge. I feel like when you’re not limiting yourself to thinking within the lines you can think more outside the box and be more creative.

“Strong personality, Sorry you weren’t strong enough, But I’m done taking all the blame ‘Cause I done did it long enough.” – Things I Gotta Say -Clayt Photo Credit: Instagram

Q: What makes your music different?

A: My lyricism and my versatility. I’m able to rap with the best of them, but still add elements of melody that have become more and more popular in hip-hop. I can finesse any vibe. Every time I record I feel like I’m pushing my own limits.

Q: What’s the name of you upcoming project? 

A: Releasing more singles is what’s next for me, but that’s all leading up to an album called “Knockturnal Gallery”. It’s a follow up to my last EP, “New Paint”. I’m committed to my art theme because I feel like if we had more of an art culture growing up in VA, a lot of people’s lives would be different right now, for the better. My goal is really to inspire and encourage everybody out there to do what they want, to express themselves and pursue whatever is their vision. The specific title of this album just comes the idea of me displaying my art. The “Knockturnal” part is a metaphor for being awake, or “woke” like people like to say. I feel like I’m at a new stage in my life and my creativity where it’s like a whole new awakening. The music itself is gonna knock, so that’s where the spelling comes from. Knockturnal Gallery.


Q: What’s your inspiration?

A. There’s really not one answer to this. It varies. Sometimes I can be really uninspired. The only thing that I can say is consistent right now is just the feeling of taking nothing and being able to turn it into something you and others can enjoy. I don’t necessarily go into recording thinking that, but that’s always the best feeling afterwards. There’s times where it’s like, “wow, I did that”. That’s what keeps me going, just trying to explore my own creativity.

Q: Where can people find your music and social sites?

A. My music is on every streaming platform. Spotify, Apple , Tidal, Pandora, and a majority of the digital stores out there like Google Play. As far as social networks I’m mostly on IG as @ClaytWorld. I have a really dope art page as well that launched after the New Paint EP, @newpaint_, and my team Mutant World (consists of two other artists) is @mutantworld_. You can access all my music and social media using just this one link: http://linktr.ee/claytworld

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Check out Clayt latest music video release for “Things I Gotta Say,” debuted 06/26/2018:




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