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On July 21 1989, another associated member of Hip-Hop was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Standing at 6’4, Kahlil Cade carries the weight of originality, delivery, progression, and style on his back, and is a voice to be heard by the masses.


Living a very brief life in Philly, Cade’s father moved him and his sister to Oakland, California when he was only 3 years old. It wasn’t until 2005 that Kahlil attempted rapping for the first time.

Getting better with every notebook he filled and with every year that passed, Kahlil recorded his first song, “Won’t Stop,” in his TV Media class within his senior year of 2007, and even crafted a music video from it that was aired on the Alameda local Comcast channel.

Kahlil Cade’s style has matured over the years. He has a very dynamic and unpredictable flow, leaving listeners in anticipation as to what Cade will come up with next. Cade likes to refer to himself as an Alternative Hip-Hop Artist because of his ability to make a song over a variety of different music genres.

Cade can go from high-paced and aggressive rapping, like his favorite hip hop group, Bone Thugs N Harmony, or slowed, smooth delivery like his other favorite rapper, Evidence from Dilated Peoples. Cade even likes to sing and harmonize in his music.

Patchwerk Studio Atlanta, GA

Being led by the desire to make the best music his abilities can fathom goes along way when Kahlil tries his best to compliment any beat he engages on with assertion. Cade makes music that is inspired by his experiences and perspective in life, whether creating reflective and deep music, or feel-good music. ,


Kahlil Cade’s sense of ambition in his craft caught the attention of an astounding producer, from British Columbia, named Sowyte, who found him while surfing the Soundcloud website for new artists to work with. Sowyte is very much musically inclined. He has an ear from all types of music from West Coast hip-hop, to Mainstream Pop. After listening to Sowyte’s beats and admiring the idea of Sowyte releasing an album for every season, with a different artist for every season, Cade could not help but to be excited about the collaboration. Fast-forward to today, and the duo has released one of the most promising EP’s the world will ever listen to titled: “The Summer EP,” which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and more worldwide.

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