With a passion to capture the feelings music brought during the time of our parents and grandparents in his music, Jamal provides us with a little more insight about his music, creative process and upcoming projects. 

Tell me about your process and how long you have been doing music.

During my writing process, I prefer to start with an instrumental and whatever state of mind it puts me in that is where my lyrics normally flow from. I’ve been singing since I could remember, to be honest. There was a time  I was so focused on my basketball career that I gave little time to my other passion , music. It wasn’t until the end of 2017 that I decided to actually take serious steps towards beginning my music career. I’m kind of new to this in that sense, so much to learn still.

What’s the name of you upcoming project? (if you have any)

As of now I’m still working on putting out my single and I also have a small EP project that I am working on. I have not decided the name yet but, it’s basically modern day r&b beats that I sing a few temptations songs over. Kinda bridge the gap a little.


What’s your inspiration?

A lot of my music is influenced by 70’s early 80’s era. My dad used to sing for “The Mighty Marvelows” back in the day, so I grew up on that music.The subject and content in their music back then is something I try to add to my own sound. A lot of the music from that era gave you a certain feel and that’s what makes it timeless. Musical groups like The Temptations, Blue Magic, Chi-lites, Commadors, OJ’s and The Mighty Marvelows  inspire my music, just to name a few.

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Author: Layla Sky

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