Proactive , creative, driven and risk taker are all words that can be used to describe David Moyer. David , originally from Homestead, FL, started selling clothes as an 18 year old college student. In 2016, in addition to selling other brands, he started his own brand, Miamirichlife. Miamirichlife Clothing is an urbanwear retail company specializing in both men and women’s clothing. This retailer offers t- shirts, tank tops, shorts, leggings, sweaters, hoodies, jeans,  joggers, snapbacks and more! Miamirichlife is now based in Orlando, FL and is available worldwide at the click of a button.


Instagram: @miamirichlife

Facebook: Miamirichlife

Poshmark, Shopify, and Offerup

Cash, checks, money orders, Paypal, debit/ credit, Cashapp, and Amazon Pay are all acceptable forms of payment.

Orders are shipped daily and can be insured starting at $50. Each customer can also be provided with a tracking number.

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Author: Layla Sky

Welcome to my melting pot. Here you will find a combination of my interest and hobbies- music,fashion, traveling and events and more. There is more then one aspect of life happening so I decided why not blog about all of them. I am Kissxd by the sun, blessed with the grace, power and love of The Most High. I enjoy helping others and unexpected blessings. Follow me on my journey of discovery . Comment. Share. Like . Subscribe. Kissxd By few, loved by many- You have officially been Kissxd!

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