Ace of Shade

Strong and successful women with big personalities sharing their life experiences through uncut, unrehearsed conversation.

Meet the your hosts:



She is an Atlanta native that loves her family. She really enjoys eating, drinking, painting, socializing with the people she loves, listening to live music, body art, and trying new things.



Also an Atlanta native, Ashley is a business owner, wife and mother of  3 children. She really enjoys all aspects of the performing arts! Owner of a Performing Arts Company, S.A.S. Ensemble, that has a local award winning majorette dance team (Royal Essence) of young ladies ages 7-19. She is also a newly motivated fitness fanatic and Zumba Instructor.  Ashley is an avid advocate for her HBCU, Albany State University.

Motivating people to go after their dreams, step out on faith and go after what they love, is her passion. Ashley consistently encourages others to know they are enough while asking the question, “Why not me?”



Business owner Keshia is a graduate of Grambling State University and is also an Atlanta native. Her company, Black Girls Are A Movement, is a company dedicated to empowering and equipping girls with valuable life skills and establishing a foundation to self love. She enjoys traveling, hanging with family and friends, genuine conversations, an avid pizza eater, book nerd, zodiac junkie, and self discovery lover.

Now as Miss Palmer  says, “Lets get into it!”

So for all those who don’t know, what is Ace of Shade?

Ace of Shade is a podcast for dope ass women who are out here just trying to navigate through this maze we call life.

So ladies, how did you all  come up with the name Ace Of Shade? Does it have a special meaning?

We literally set in a room for about an hour to two hours trying to think of something that describes us and that will be appealing to an audience. So, we came up with, “Ace of Shade,” because we are all so very full of it. We’re not going to say we’re the best to ever do it, but we come pretty damn close.

 While coming up with the name what was or is the current goal of the podcast?

The goal of the podcast is to inspire others. We all wanted to create a safe place for women to come without judgment and to know that they are not alone. We want to provide alternate ways of thinking that help others to achieve their goals, process and resolve any life issues they may be experiencing. To make people laugh, smile, and cry if they need to and most importantly to have fun!

We wanted a podcast that was a representation of who we are which is fun, full of life and shade baby!

Inspiration, judgement free and relatable! Now that’s my kind of show. Do you all offer any services or products?

Yes! The ladies of “Ace of Shade” can host or speak at your next event. If interested you can reach out to us via email at We are currently working on Ace of Shade Apparel to be released later this year.

Since we are on the topic, are there any events coming up that you all will be a part of? 

Ace of Shade is currently working on community events such as HBCU (Historically Black College and University) Networking Mixer and a Zumba Fitness Party.

Keshia: Black Girls Are A Movement is currently hosting workshops and doing speaking engagements to address the self esteem needs and concerns of young girls and women all over the world.

Okay, I see y’all! It really looks like this is just the beginning for Ace of Shade.  Were can we find you on social media for updates?

Instagram/IGTV: aceofshadepodcast

YouTube: aceofshadepodcast


Be sure to tune in the Ace of Shade podcast on every Sunday for a new episode. You can listen in on the following platforms:



Google Podcast


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