W.O.W K’La Fleming


Confident, inspired and true to self, meet K’la Fleming… 

Thank you so much for taking the time to interview with me! It is a great pleasure and certainly and honor! So K’La for all of us who may be unfamiliar, tell us  a little bit about yourself. 


I am an inspiring full time entrepreneur, new author, singer, songwriter, and women’s advocate. I am originally from Norfolk, Virginia. Moving to Atlanta, GA in 2017 after graduating Old Dominion University, I knew my life would take a pivotal turn for development and stepping out of my comfort zone. 

Yes, I totally agree! There is so much more life offers outside of our comfort zones. I am so happy that you decided to step out, which brings me to my next question. You have a newly released book called “WOW.” Let’s talk about it. How did you come up with the name of your book? Is there a special meaning behind it?

WOW, means expressing astonishment or admiration. WOW’s subtitle is Woman of Worth. The name of this book was birthed from a place of owning my identity in Christ and discarding labels that I had used for so long to describe who I am, that weren’t true. The title WOW was chosen to allow other women, as well as myself,  see themselves from the place God established them and to never be hindered from seeing their value as a woman.

  That is powerful. Nothing like lifting up one another. What inspired you to write your book?

I was inspired to write this book for woman who may lack confidence, self-worth, maybe they feel like they don’t have a voice or lost their voice. WOW’s purpose is to drive women to discover their value and worth in Christ and also detach their identity from the baggage we carry from heartbreak, family matters and any other traumatic events we may have experienced. 

 Yes, living with any baggage of heartbreak can certainly put an unwanted heaviness on you, especially if you choose to carry it. I’m sure this is very relatable to women in any stage of life right now. What do you hope people gain from reading your story?

My greatest hope is for people is to first gain freedom in their mental capacity and to forgive themselves to ever doubting the totality of who they are. I believe every character change or physical change starts in the mind. We should be committed to see ourselves are people of worth and see the reflection of who God says we are. When we know who we are and whose we are, we operating from a place of authority and have the ability to impact the world in such an incredible way. 

Forgiveness are especially important for freedom.  Are there any favorite chapters or parts of your book your favor?

I absolutely love my entire book because each chapters speak from a place of transparency and healing. One of my favorite chapters would have to be “Comparison and Jealously Kills.” Whether we say it or not, many women have a tendency to scroll our social media platforms  admiring what so many people have. Sometimes we can even step in rooms and see so much greatness, but forget we our net worth comes from God and nobody else. We spend too much time comparing ourselves to people we know and don’t know. I believe this chapter will encourage people to see dig deep and finding their net worth in Christ. When we understand this first, we won’t worry or give too much time trying to measure up to anyone except for who he says we are. 

This book sounds so awesome and life changing! I absolutely love the passion behind your message and the transparency of just the way your speak about your story.  So of course we need to know, when and where can we purchase your book? Are there any additional products or services you offer or will offer soon?

WOW will be added to five major platforms one including Amazon.  WOW is just the beginning. The eBook will be available 9/24/2019 on Amazon. My official release/Book Launch Celebration Date will be announced soon this will include the soft copy. Apparel will be coming soon! I am also working content for mentorship with younger girls and women. 

Follow my social media handles to stay updated. Facebook: K’La Marie/ Public Figure page: @Wondrously Worthy & Instagram: @_worthsaving_ 

eBook available on Amazon 9/24/2019!

I don’t know about you all but I am truly motivated. This definitely ignites greatness. I hope K’la’s story has motivated you to be great!

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