Black Lives Matter: Support the Movement

o help support the Black Lives Matter movement. Click on each link to learn more about each organization and their mission and purpose. All of the organizations below help to fight the injustices of our black communities. To see change and experience it we must have faith, prayer and action! Remember silence is also a stance ! If there was ever a time to speak up the time is now. Thanks to all those who are standing in solidarity. #BlackLivesMatter

W.O.W K’La Fleming

“WOW, means expressing astonishment or admiration. WOW’s subtitle is Woman of Worth. The name of this book was birthed from a place of owning my identity in Christ and discarding labels that I had used for so long to describe who I am, that weren’t true. The title WOW was chosen to allow other women, as well as myself, see themselves from the place God established them and to never be hindered from seeing their value as a woman. “

Ace of Shade

The goal of the podcast is to inspire others. We all wanted to create a safe place for women to come without judgment and to know that they are not alone. We want to provide alternate ways of thinking that help others to achieve their goals, process and resolve any life issues they may be experiencing. To make people laugh, smile, and cry if they need to and most importantly to have fun!

Assata Renay

Assata Renay is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. Music danced through her roots starting with her late grandfather who was a blues guitarist. Assata’s sound can be described as alternative Rhythm & Blues, blending both harmonies and emotions to create the unique sound that she takes pride in calling her own. …