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The Full Experience

  Pampered poised and polished to perfection. Natural is now one of the most trending topics today; natural hair, natural products, natural nails even foods. Most would argue that a "natural" lifestyle is the healthiest way of life. There are not many places or businesses you go to that for any product do not offer… Continue reading The Full Experience

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The Start ...... Out to enjoy a nice ladies night out we arrived at The Sound Table in Atlanta,  This decision was made based on the wait time of the previous destination. I entered a very relaxed environment with soft music and what appeared to be a great vibe. The lighting was dim and intimate.… Continue reading Careless

I Tried It, I Was There, Uncategorized

First Time Visitor

The city famous for  jazz, Cajun cuisine and the French Quarter, welcome to the city of  New Orleans. I was ecstatic to have arrived in a city where I had never been ,but always wanted to visit, mainly for the food. LOL It was a special bachorlette weekend for my newly engaged cousin. We planned… Continue reading First Time Visitor

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Money Money Money

So over the next few weeks or may 90 days I will be trying out the $5 money challenge. Basically you save every $5 bill that comes in you possession. The idea for me is to: Save; which goes without saying use my card less often I don't know about you but I swipe, swipe… Continue reading Money Money Money