I Love The 90’s: Throwback Thursday

It’s Thursday and of course in light of that I figured today would be an awesome day to discuss the 90’s! I love everything about it, the fashion, the TV shows, the fashion and how could you not like the music. OMG the music! We can live in the 90’s for a short while, right ?  Right! So, for the next couple of weeks Ill … Continue reading I Love The 90’s: Throwback Thursday

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Holiday Spending: Money Saving Hidden Right In Your Wallet

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire Jack Frost nipping at your nose…..…The sweet smell of pine trees, faint scents of cinnamon and  the crackle of the fireplace. Mom bakes fresh cookies and makes the best hot chocolate.  Turkeys dress family tables and  inspirational singing fills the air, the chill of wind that surrounds winter coats,  and wrapped scarfs, the crunch of old leaves under warm … Continue reading Holiday Spending: Money Saving Hidden Right In Your Wallet

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Cute. Fun. Fabulous.

It’s A Party It’s A Party  This past weekend my best friend invited me out to  a birthday. The destination was K. Michelle’s restaurant Puff and Pedals. I have seen this place a few times being advertised in social media, so I was excited to try it. I decided on a neutral fitted skirt, black body suit, black shoes and a rose gold clutch with … Continue reading Cute. Fun. Fabulous.

What Is It About Expectations?

You trust people with  expectations in the hopes that they will  keep their word. If they do not, disappointment and sometimes even anger start to surface. So is the problem the expectations or is it the people?  Is it the trust in people ? Expectation is strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future. Expectation creates hope- a strong hope . … Continue reading What Is It About Expectations?