Detroit 1967: Living In The Times

Not Another Movie The five day Detroit riots in 1967, has been documented as one of the most violent moments in history. So violent in fact, the National Guard was called in to subdue the destruction and violence taking place. Buildings burned to the ground,  civil rights violated and  people were beaten and humiliated. Reviewing some of the timeline of the movie Detroit….. The movie started … Continue reading Detroit 1967: Living In The Times

Underground Radio: Get Exposed

 Not Just Another Radio Show….. She is an entrepreneur,  radio personality, producer, public speaker and female advocate. You could almost lose you breath naming everything that Maureen Guest does. She is 50 and fabulous! Maureen Guest has taken the word hustle and elevated it to a new level. Of all the things she does they all involve  elevation of others in one form or another, which … Continue reading Underground Radio: Get Exposed