Prepared : Monday Motivation

.... there were two perspectives....   Ugh It's Monday again! Let Me Just Though This Day .... The struggle of a new week....some people may associate Monday with grumbles, mumbles and resistance. It is  the start of another work week, working through hate, accompanied by irritation from bosses and co workers- another day to be… Continue reading Prepared : Monday Motivation

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The Full Experience

  Pampered poised and polished to perfection. Natural is now one of the most trending topics today; natural hair, natural products, natural nails even foods. Most would argue that a "natural" lifestyle is the healthiest way of life. There are not many places or businesses you go to that for any product do not offer… Continue reading The Full Experience

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4:44- The Wait Is Over

At 12 AM Jay Z released his 12th album. It is exclusively available on Tidal and Sprint users for streaming. When will it be available on ITunes ? There is no anticipated date as of right now. Other artist on this album include Frank Ocean, Gloria Carter and Damian Marley. It has been said that… Continue reading 4:44- The Wait Is Over

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Be Inspired – Think Outside The Box

Thursday's Quotes: This week's quotes come from Wisdom Unfold. I hope they refresh your mind and spring inspiration. Be sure to follow on Facebook for more daily inspiration.   A person must change their Spiritual Life to change the direction of their body. Decisions inside directs outside movement. -Wisdom Unfold When you follow money, you… Continue reading Be Inspired – Think Outside The Box

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Million Dollar Showdown

Fight, Fight, Fight .....  August 26, 2017 is getting closer and closer Conner Mcgregor and the UNDEFEATED Pretty Boy Floyd will meet in the ring. Get your TV's, food or bar plans ready. Will Floyd make it to 50-0?   What do you think?   "They asked for this fight. I was in retirement, but… Continue reading Million Dollar Showdown

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You Can Have It All- Just Ask

Its Motivation Monday- Session 1  I felt today was a great day to post something encouraging. You never know what your words can do to help someone through something. A wise man shares what he knows. One of my greatest gifts is helping others. Hopefully this helps you or someone you know. Matthew 11:23-24 23… Continue reading You Can Have It All- Just Ask

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The Start ...... Out to enjoy a nice ladies night out we arrived at The Sound Table in Atlanta,  This decision was made based on the wait time of the previous destination. I entered a very relaxed environment with soft music and what appeared to be a great vibe. The lighting was dim and intimate.… Continue reading Careless

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Makaveli- Tupac Back!

"How Do You Want It/ California Love" peaked  #1 for 24 weeks from platinum selling album Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z , "Dear Mama" ,  "I Get Around"  and quadruple platinum album All Eyes On Me  just to name a few , you can imagine the fan's anticipation for the biopic for Tupac Anaru Shakur. Its 15… Continue reading Makaveli- Tupac Back!