Welcome to KBM Services! We are here to support your social media marketing goals by offering you promotional features, custom content ideas and social media graphic posts. Choose your campaign bundle below and save on your services today.

The Short Run

*Ideal for a 7 day or less campaign run.*

Custom Hashtag(s)

Custom 7 Day Promotional Content List

7 Customized Social Media Graphic Post

The Upgrade

*Ideal for a 10-14 day campaign run.*

Custom Hashtags

Custom 10 Day Promotional Content List

15 Customized Social Media Graphic Post

Promotional Feature On KBM Social Media Instagram Page(s)

The Pretty Penny

*Ideal for a 20-30 day campaign run.* Service bundle per one (1) Instagram account.

Custom Hashtag(s)

Custom 15 Day Promotional Content List

20 Customized Social Media Graphic Post

Feature on The Legacy Social Blog Site

Promotional Feature On KBM Instagram and Twitter Page(s)

Connect. Create. Elevate.

The Set Up

*Starting Fresh? This Is Great For The New Business. Website Services Limited: Websites Are Preset Platforms. Platforms May Require Annual Maintenance and Custom Domain Fee.

Custom Hashtags

Website Set Up*

New Instagram & Twitter Accounts

Facebook & Twitter Header Custom Images

Includes 15 Customized Graphic Posts

Promotional Feature On KBM Social Media Instagram Page(s)

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The Reset

Fresh & New *Removal of up to 500 posts. Service bundle per one (1) Instagram account.

De-clutter Instagram Posts

15 Customized Social Media Graphic Post

Highlight Creation w/ Cover Images

Social Media Content Posts

Customized content graphics creation for your social media platform(s).

Content Dump COMING SOON

Not sure what to post ? Are you running low on content ideas ? We are here to assist. Get your list of content ideas here.


Custom flyer design. Includes one (1) digital flyer and PDF for printing. Flyer services does not include printing. Limited to 1 design.

Website Services*

Need a website set up? We are here to help.

*Websites Are Preset Platforms. Platforms may require annual maintenance and custom domain fee based on your needs.

Promotional Feature

Get featured on KBM social media sites: Instagram and Twitter .

Get Featured On The Legacy Social

The Legacy Social is a blog connecting business owners, motivators and creators all in one space. The blog also features trending topics including music , social justice and more.

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Feature and promotional request are subject to review. All requests may not be accepted as KBM ensures features and promotional content fit the message and purpose of KBM and The Legacy Social.

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